Community Relations
records relating to Netball in communities, to AENA's communications with members and community players in schools, county tournaments, and International Netball bodies. Includes papers relating to life achievement awards and other domestic awards.
  • EN/CR/1

    Central participation and development programmes Item

    information packs relating to coaching and player development programmes
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  • EN/CR/2

    England Netball magazines Series

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  • EN/CR/3

    AENA Handbooks Item

    1949 AENA Handbook and Report
    1952 AENA Handbook and Report
    1953 AENA Handbook and Report
    1954 AENA Handbook and Report
    1955-1956 AENA Handbook and Report
    1956-1957 AENA Handbook and Report
    1957-1958 AENA Handbook and Report
    1958-1959 AENA Handbook and Report
    1960-1961 AENA Handbook and Report
    1961-1962 AENA Handbook and Report
    1961-1962 Northumberland County Netball Association Handbook
    1962-1963 AENA Handbook and Report
    1963-1964 AENA Handbook and Report
    1964-1965 AENA Handbook and Report
    1965-1966 AENA Handbook
    1966-1967 AENA Handbook
    1967-1968 AENA Handbook
    1968-1969 AENA Handbook
    1969 England Tour of West Indies and Guyana Team Handbook
    1969-1970 AENA Handbook
    1970-1971 AENA Handbook
    1971-1972 AENA Handbook
    1972-1973 AENA Handbook
    1973-1974 AENA Handbook
    1975-1976 AENA Handbook
    1977-1978 AENA Handbook
    1982-1983 AENA Handbook and Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 1981-1982
    1983-1984 AENA Handbook and Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 1982-1983
    1984-1985 AENA Handbook
    1984-1985 Sports Care National Netball League Official Handbook
    1985-1986 AENA Handbook
    1986-1987 AENA Handbook
    1987-1988 AENA Handbook
    1988 World Youth Cup Handbook
    1988-1989 AENA Handbook
    1988-1989 English Counties Netball League Handbook
    1989-1990 AENA Handbook
    1989-1990 AENA National Clubs Competition Handbook
    1989-1990 AENA Handbook

    1990-1991 - 2015-2016 AENA handbooks
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  • EN/CR/4

    Community game Series

    records relating to Netball in Schools, Youth Netball and domestic youth and school tournaments
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  • EN/CR/5

    International bodies and clubs Series

    Publications, handbooks, administrative papers relating to International bodies.
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  • EN/CR/6

    Honours and awards Item

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