Reports presented to AGM EN/CP/2/2

Dated 1951-1990

Extent: 2 folders

Folder 1
Publicity Committee 1955-1963
Technical Adviser's Reports 1957-1963
Visual Aids Committee 1957-1963
Publications Committee 1955-1958
Schools' sub-committee 1957, Schools' and Colleges' committee 1958-1963
Rules Board 1957-1963
Umpires' sub committee 1951-1957, Umpires' committee 1958-1968
Editor of 'Netball' reports 1959-1960
Magazine subscription reports 1954-1963
Development Working Party 1973-1974
Coaching sub committee 1952-1953
Hon. Secretary's report 1953
Hon. Organiser's report 1952
meeting with Sports Council 1966
Meeting with CCPR information officer
Monitoring report for USC 1989-1990
report from sub-committee set up to examine amateur status 1957
Terms of reference for standing sub-committees c1950s

Folder 2
Hon. Secretary's reports 1951-1963
Hon. Treasurer's reports 1951-1963
Match and Tournament committee 1969-1980

Administrative records

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