Honorary Life Members newsletter EN/AV/1/7/1

Dated 2011-2014

Extent: 1 file

Newsletters for Honorary Life Members of England Netball. First edition April 2011, July 2011 edition includes articles by Liz Broomhead and Vivienne Gatt, obituaries of Mary Alwyne Thomas, Phyllis Ridgewell, Olga Place and Lily McGurk. October 2011 edition includes articles by/about Marion Lofthouse, Jean Robinson, Mary French, Joyce Wheeler and Yvonne Bacon. January 2012 edition contains articles by/about Kendra Slawinski, Linda Booth, Pat Sutherland, Wendy Hale, Roger Perham, Urvasi Naidoo. April 2012 edition (incorrectly headed 'January 2012') contains articles by/about Colette Thomson, Janet Wrighton, Joan Mills, Cathy Hickey, Yvonne Bacon, Liz Broomhead. July 2012 edition contains articles by/about Anita Navin, Colette Thomson. October 2012 edition contains articles by/about Jo Adams, Betty Galsworthy. January 2012 edition contains articles by/about Cheryl Danson, Janet Wrighton, Liz Broomhead, Paul Clark (2 copies). February 2013 edition contains an article by Cheryl Danson. April 2013 edition contains articles by/about Maggie Jackson, Sam Castle. July 2013 edition contains articles/by Paul Clark, Marva Bernard, Jamaica Netball Association, Sasha Corbin, Amy Willis. October 2013 edition contains articles by/about Joan Mills, Liz Broomhead. January 2014 edition contains articles by/about Janet Wrighton, Cheryl Danson, Karen Atkinson, Lyn Carpenter, Sarah Gandon, Jean Bourne. April 2014 edition contains articles by/about Margaret Cassidy, Joan Mills, June Snellin, Olivia Hewitt


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