England Netball Archive
Records of the start of netball in England and of England Netball and its predecessors from the foundation of the The All England Women's Net Ball Association in 1926 with material up to the present day.

Main series of records include:
Annual reports 1927-to the present day (EN/CP/1)
Annual General Meeting minutes 1929-to the present day (EN/CP/4)
Council minutes 1929-1999 (EN/CP/2/11)
Committee minutes at EN/CP/2

Rules of the game, training for umpires and player development 1919-2011 (EN/RU)
Netball Magazine 1933-to the present day (EN/CR/2)

Records of competitions, domestic and international 1949-to the present day (EN/CM)

Scoresheets for domestic and international matches and tournaments 1949-to the present day (EN/CM)

Press cuttings 1938-to the present day (EN/MD/3)

Audio visual recordings of games 1902-2000s (EN/RE)

These records were collated and catalogued as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project in 2016 celebrating 90 years of netball: led by Project Officer Helen Carter with assistance from Tasmine Castle and volunteer Elizabeth Sartori.
  • EN/AV

    Archives and Heritage Subfonds

    player and administrator personal collections and material relating to previous heritage projects.
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  • EN/CM

    Competitions Subfonds

    records relating to domestic and international competitions, tours and administration.
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  • EN/CP

    Corporate Planning and Administration Subfonds

    records of Annual General Meetings including annual reports, committee minutes and administrative records relating to constitution, strategic planning etc.
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  • EN/CR

    Community Relations Subfonds

    records relating to Netball in communities, to AENA's communications with members and community players in schools, county tournaments, and International Netball bodies. Includes papers relating to life achievement awards and other domestic awards.
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  • EN/MD

    Media Relations Subfonds

    records relating to promotional films, press cuttings and media articles.
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  • EN/MK

    Marketing Subfonds

    promotional products for AENA
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  • EN/P

    Photographs, slides and negatives of netball action Subfonds

    Box 1
    negatives 1977-1980
    Box 2
    Slides 1980-1985
    Box 3
    Slides 1986-1987
    Box 4
    Slides 1993-1994
    Box 5
    Slides 1994-1999
    Box 6
    Slides 1991-1995
    Box 7
    Slides 1994-1995
    Box 8
    Slides 1996
    Box 9
    Slides 1996-1997
    Box 10
    Slides 1997
    Box 11
    Slides 1992-2000
    Box 12
    Slides 1998-1999
    Box 13
    Negatives, 1995 9th World Championships, 1981-1983
    Box 14

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  • EN/RE

    Audio visual recordings Subfonds

    recordings mainly of Netball matches in VHS, CD, CR-ROM, and DVD formats. CDs include some oral history recordings.
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  • EN/RU

    Laws of the Game Subfonds

    rule books, manuals, training material for umpires and development resources for players.
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  • EN/Z

    Unsorted materials with no box labels Item

    20th cent.
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