Denby Dale Labour Party Archive
The archives of the Denby Dale Labour Party which includes minute books, financial records, photographs, promotional fliers and election campaign materials, and a brief history of the Party.
  • DDL/11

    Skelmanthorpe Labour Party account book Item

    Accounts book of the Skelmanthorpe Branch Labour Party from 1982 to 1991. Shows the income and expenditure for the Party through memberships, organised events such as barbeques, donations, subscriptions and the production of election materials. The account for the Skelmanthorpe Branch Party was closed on 23 Jan 1991 and the final balance was paid forward to the Denby Dale Labour Party.
    Also loose inside volume are two membership cards to, and letters of thanks from, the Yorkshire Rose Club; a full list of the members of the Education Committee for Kirklees Metropolitan Council (1984); and a statement of account for the Skelmanthorpe, Clayton West and Emley Branch Labour Party (1988/1989).
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  • DDL/12

    Denby Dale Ward Branch Labour Party financial statements Item

    Includes summary financial statements of receipts and payments for the years 1997, 2002 and 2003.
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  • DDL/13

    Winifred Wheable election addresses and photographs Item

    Envelope containing election addresses, pamphlets and photographs for Winifred Wheable in various elections including the 1978 Kirklees Metropolitan District Council election, the 1977 West Yorkshire County Council election (for the Kirkburthon/Denby Dale ward), the 1983/1984 Kirklees Metropolitan District Council election (for the Denby Dale and Shelley ward), and the 1970 Denby Dale Urban District Council election (Denby Dale and Cumberworth). Flyers for J A Lawton also included for the 1970 election.

    Also includes a newspaper cutting entitled 'Autumn Fair for Local Party' from the District Chronicle, 29 Oct 1982, Winifred Wheable's personal notes concerning the time line of events in the Denby Dale Labour Party and promotional images of Winifred Wheable dated 1962.
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  • DDL/14

    Denby Dale Labour Party fliers and photographs Item

    Envelope containing photographs and fliers concerning the Denby Dale Labour Party. The file includes:

    A black and white photograph of Denby Dale Labour Party members including Councillor Colin Watson, Councillor Bill Gregory, Winifred Wheable and prospective parliamentary candidate Peter Hilden
    A photograph of the [Denby Dale] spring fair in 1978 showing Winifred Wheable, Peter Hilden, Councillor Mrs Smith and Councillor Watson
    A photograph of the 1979 autumn fair showing Councillor Mrs [Lighes], Right Honourable D Healey, Councillor Gregory, Winifred Wheable and Councillor Watson
    A photograph of a party meeting including Winifred Wheable, David Clark and Brendan Loughnane
    A photograph of the Denby Dale Labour Party council including Winifred Wheable in the chair, (copyright Montgomery Photography Ltd.)
    A publicity photograph of Winifred Wheable, Stephen [Priestly] and his daughter showing the 'Kirklees Street by Street' guide and the 'Denby Dale District' guide. Note made to say these guides were produced by Kirklees Council and Denby Dale Urban District Council. (Copyright Huddersfield Examiner)
    Election flyer for Winifred Wheable and Molly Dixon standing for the Denby Dale Urban District Council election of 1967, Denby Dale and Cumberworth ward.
    Election flyer for the Denby Dale Urban District Council election of 1970, J A Lawton and Winifred Wheable standing for County Councillor (Denby Dale and Cumberworth ward)
    Election flyers for Winifred Wheable in the Kirklees Metropolitan District Council election of 1978
    Election flyers for Winifred Wheable in the Kirklees Metropolitan District Council election of 1983/4, (Denby Dale and Shelley ward)
    Letter frm Jim [Lawton] to George announcing that Mr [Lawton] will be stading down from local politics after 22 years as County Councillor and Urban District Councillor. 12th May 1975
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  • DDL/15

    History of Denby Dale Labour Party Item

    Typed notes on the historical background of the Denby Dale labour branches and wards and personal reminiscences of local labour party activists, written by Winifred Wheable-Archer [2 copies]. The manuscript starts with the creation of the Denby Dale Urban District Council in 1938 and follows the fluctuations of the local council and the affects these changes had on the branch parties. There is naturally a focus on the political career of Winifred Wheable-Archer and other prominent local party members such as Harold and Nellie Auckland, David Clark, Bill and Linda Sugrue, Molly Dixon, Arthur Belcher, Marjorie Lawton, Tom Megahy, Colin and Doreen Watson. The document also outlines the creation of the youth section of the local party in 1968 as formed by Brendan Loughnane. Various achievements of the Urban District Council are also highlighted. The merger of the Emley, Skelmanthorpe, Clayton West, Cumberworth and Denby Dale branches, which was due to dwindling membership numbers in the 1980s, is also explained.

    It is noted that this was not Winifred Wheable-Archer's final draft of the piece.
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