Denby Dale and Cumberworth Branch Labour Party minute book DDL/7

Dated Feb 1976-Mar 1984

Extent: 1 volume

Minute book for the Denby Dale and Cumberworth Branch Labour Party from 1976 to 1984. Much of the minutes are given over to the discussion of parish and local council elections, the canvassing for the election campaigns, production of election material and discussions of the candidates. There is also reference to the 1976 Kirklees local election in which Labour won by only a slim margin making it the first time the district was not a safe Labour seat. Throughout the minutes there are many references to the various campaigns of Winifred Wheable and Peter Hildrew who both ran for a number of positions including Local Councillor, County Councillor and member of the European Parliament. There are also discussions of local matters such as the suggested boundary rearrangement that would merge Denby Dale in with Dewsbury and the desire of the branch to establish a Young Socialist Group and a Socialist and Trade Union Museum in Hull (1978).

The minutes show the discussion of matters internal to the branch party such as the creation of two new positions in the party; Membership Secretary and Political Secretary and a tribute paid to Harold Auckland upon his death.

There are also resolutions passed to be taken by the representatives to other meetings such as the AGM and Management meeting. In 1977 the branch registered its concern over the cut backs on education expenditure by Kirklees Council and on a separate occasion called for greater public control of the drug industry. In 1979 a resolution was passed stating that the "CLP deplores the decision of the Education Secretary to ... lift the statutory requirements for the provision of school milk, meals and transport".

There is reference throughout the minutes of various events originating outside the branch party. In November 1979 the CLP noted the public marches in Sheffield and Leeds against the expenditure cuts. In 1981 a mention was made of the threat made by Michael Hesletine to fine Kirklees Local Authority £11 million for overspending which would result in 1200 redundancies through Kirklees. In 1982 a discussion was minuted concerning the application to the government by Kirklees Council for £21.5 million to spend in local housing.

Minutes and committee papers

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