Continuum Ensemble Archive
This collection contains the working papers of The Continuum Ensemble. This includes records relating to the planning and putting on of performances, the financial side of the running the ensemble, and records of their outputs. This is mainly in the form of media recordings (both in photographic and audio formats) and reviews of performances.
  • CUE/1

    Operating Administration Series

    These folders contain a wide range of documentation relating to the operation of the ensemble. The records relate to applications for fundraising to letters for support and to attract performers and opportunities for performance.
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  • CUE/2

    Correspondence Series

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  • CUE/3

    Financial Records Subseries

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  • CUE/4

    Production Files Subfonds

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  • CUE/6

    Photographic Material Series

    Includes photographs and contact sheets from the collection and events
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