Centre for Visual and Oral History Research
The Centre has undertaken a number of oral history projects including communities and social groups whose experiences had previously been excluded from traditional sources. This has included projects on the history of leisure and commemoration, and work that has offered new perspectives on various immigrant and ethnic minority groups and aspects of women’s history, as well as the labour movement and working class communities. The projects have resulted in a number of books, articles, conference papers and project websites, all of this information is available here:

The archive includes
- Greenhead Stories Oral History Project
- Two Minute Silence Oral History Project
  • CAV/GS

    Greenhead Stories Oral History Project Subfonds

    This collection contains interviews with local people about their memories of Greenhead Park, Huddersfield. Families have been asked to record their experiences of the part the park, which has been a gathering place for local people since it opened in 1884, has played in their lives. Many have talked about their day to day experiences but now the man running the project wants to find out more about the cultural events that have taken place there. The Carnival and Mela have been an important part of the park’s summer event calendar for many years and involved thousands of performers and spectators.The festivals aim to celebrate the rich diversity of the town and the park has been home to them since the mid-1980s.
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  • CAV/TM

    Two Minute Silence Oral History Project Subfonds

    The Two Minute Silence project has received a £10,000 grant from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) to trace the evolution and continuing relevance of the Remembrance Day two-minute silence, which marks its 90th anniversary in November 2009. Through the personal experience and testimony of Huddersfield people, young and old, the project will explore the continuing significance of the silence as a way of reflecting on global conflict and the beauty and value of peace.
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