Bottomley, J. home economics library
Collection of students school/study books belonging to Miss J Bottomley on the subject of home economics, including cooking, needlework, laundry, housekeeping, food and nutrition.
  • BTM/1

    Food and the Family Item

    20th cent.
    Published by Nisbet & co Ltd London. Information on nutritional values of food, meals and costs of common foodstuffs.
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  • BTM/2

    Properties of Food Item

    A Practical text-book for teachers of Domestic Science.
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  • BTM/3

    Cooking Craft by S Elizabeth Nash Item

    20th cent.
    A Practical Handbook for students in training for cookery and for the homeworker. Published by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd., London
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  • BTM/4

    Manual of Nutrition published for the Ministry f Food Scientific Adviser's division, Item

    Recipe booklet
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  • BTM/5

    The Doctors' cookery Book. 21 menus and 82 recipes for family meals Item

    First compiled in 1935 for the Brisish Medical Associaton to promote national fitnes by improving nutrition in the home.
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  • BTM/6

    Eating Sleeping and Living Item

    A Guide to design in the home.
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  • BTM/7

    Towards Scientific Management in the Home Item

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  • BTM/8

    Food and Nutrition Item

    November 17th 1950
    Pamphlet of recipes and nutrition. Published every four weeks.
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  • BTM/9

    Food and Nutrition, Item

    December 16th 1949
    Pamphlet of recipes and nutrition.
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  • BTM/10

    I Pass this on to you. Italian Regional Recipes Item

    20th cent.
    Recipe pamphlet
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