Audio-visual recordings collected by the British Music Information Centre (BMIC) and made available to the Centre's users for research purposes. The c21,000 recordings include both commercial and privately produced recordings, recordings of live performances that took place at the BMIC and other related music organisations (e.g. the Society for the Promotion of New Music), recordings of BBC Radio 3 broadcasts and recordings of television broadcasts concerning contemporary British music. The recordings in this series are held on the following formats: c3200 audio cassette tapes; c2200 CDs; c500 vinyl records; 400 betamax tapes; 57 VHS tapes; 16 DAT tapes; 3 DVDs; 2 reel to reel audio tape.

All of the recordings within the colection have a Reference Number that begins BMC/RE/... Any items that have a Reference Number that begins BMC/SC/... are scores.

There are still some recordings within the collection that are waiting to be catalogued, the Reference Number for these recordings is BMC/Y

The full series of recordings may not be available to search in all formats of this catalogue. It is available to search at:

Some digital versions of recordings are available. These have been digitised from the original betamax, DAT, VHS and cassette tapes.
  • BMC/RE/104304

    Inventions Item

    24 Jun 1958
    Performers:"Evelyn Rothwell (oboe), Wilfrid Parry (pf)"
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  • BMC/RE/104305

    Partita Item

    20th cent.
    Performers:Hirsch Chambers Players
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  • BMC/RE/104306

    Serenade Item

    20th cent.
    Performers:Vesuvius Ensemble/John Marson (harp)
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  • BMC/RE/104307

    Wellington's Suite Item

    20th cent.
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  • BMC/RE/104308

    Hora Item

    20th cent.
    Venue:Choir & Orcherstra of Rumanian
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  • BMC/RE/104309

    The Quail Item

    20th cent.
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  • BMC/RE/104310

    Making A Song And Dance Item

    Venue:SPNM Irish Composers
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  • BMC/RE/104311

    Perchoresis Item

    20th cent.
    Performers:Nash Ens
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  • BMC/RE/104312

    On The Quarter-Deck Item

    Venue:Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
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  • BMC/RE/104313

    Sonata for piano no. 1 Item

    20th cent.
    Performers:Richard Markham (piano)
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