The Future In/Of the Past
This collection derived from a Leverhulme funded 'Artist in Residence' project where Poulomi Desai spent time embedded in the University Archives.

The collection contains: stainless steel archive box
  • AIR/1

    Unmuted Video Item

    Artist’s statement:
    "The warm physicality of the archives and its contents contrasts with the landscape of the moors - a suffocating feeling of drifting, being overwhelmed in the layers of paper and memory, and the openness of driving aimlessly through divided lands searching for connections.
    Crows appear, conjuring up “Cave Birds” an intense book by Ted Hughes (born in Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire) with vivid illustrations by artist Leonard Baskin - a special edition that rests at HQ.
    We are the cave birds and the archive is the cave.
    The corridors of the archives and the road are parallel in my mind, with the w(a/o)ndering of where we might reach, what we might find and the tension of what is seen and heard. The sounds are a shifting composition, a merging of the normally audible - the creaks and squawks of moving knowledge, and the normally inaudible - the recordings of electromagnetic VLF (very low frequency) radio noise, produced by the machinery. These sounds are surprisingly musical and have a lineage in connection with the experimental compositions and recordings in the British Music Collection at HQ, with specific reference to Tristram Cary’s score 345 – A Study In Limited Resources."
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