• CAV

    Centre for Visual and Oral History Research Fonds

    The Centre has undertaken a number of oral history projects including communities and social groups whose experiences had previously been excluded from traditional sources. This has included projects on the history of leisure and commemoration, and work that has offered new perspectives on various immigrant and ethnic minority groups and aspects of women’s history, as well as the labour movement and working class communities. The projects have resulted in a number of books, articles, conference papers and project websites, all of this information is available here:

    The archive includes
    - Greenhead Stories Oral History Project
    - Two Minute Silence Oral History Project
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  • CHL

    John Lancaster Christadelphians Library Fonds

    Research library on the Christadelphian sect accumulated for MPhil thesis and deposited by Professor John Lancaster (Director of Computing and Library Services, University of Huddersfield).
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  • CHN

    Colin Challen (MP) Archive Fonds

    Material relating to Colin Challen's issues of interest, work as a local Labour councillor and regional organiser for Labour, and as MP for Morley and Rothwell.
    Includes many left-wing publications, documents from the central Labour Party and other material.

    The archive is comprised of 8 series as follows:
    CHN/1 issues of interest, particularly the environment and the radical press
    CHN/2 Kingston upon Hull City Councillor
    CHN/3 Labour party regional organiser
    CHN/4 MP for Morley and Rothwell
    CHN/5 Scarborough Borough Councillor
    CHN/6 left-wing publications
    CHN/7 central Labour party
    CHN/8 Yorkshire Consituency Labour Parties
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  • CKN

    Catherine Kiernan Papers Fonds

    23 works composed by Catherine Kiernan, with a recording of 3 works by Nadia Myserscough, Vi McLean and the Rogeri Trio.
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  • CRI

    Cricket Research Centre Collection Fonds

    Printed sources relating to the sport of cricket chiefly relating to West Yorkshire but including other counties. Includes yearbooks and some VHS.

    Also includes some examples of cricket equipment donated to the University's archive service following The Cricket History of Calderdale and Kirklees Project,, from 2008

    Five large framed items returned from Huddersfield Local Studies Library which had been on long term loan.
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  • CRS

    Donald Crossley Archive Fonds

    Papers collected and/or created by Donald Crossley relating to the poet Ted Hughes. Includes letters, published books of Hughes' work, mss notes, maps, photographs, (including reprographics of photographs from 1937-2008) and scrapbooks of notes and photographs relating to/depicting individual poems.
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  • CRT

    J. Carruthers Collection Fonds

    20th century
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  • CUE

    Continuum Ensemble Archive Fonds

    This collection contains the working papers of The Continuum Ensemble. This includes records relating to the planning and putting on of performances, the financial side of the running the ensemble, and records of their outputs. This is mainly in the form of media recordings (both in photographic and audio formats) and reviews of performances.
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  • CULL

    Cedric and Eric Cullingford Library Fonds

    Formerly a Professor in the University of Huddersfield's School of Education and Professional Development, Cedric Cullingford's library consists of two main sections: his library on education, and his father's library (Eric Cullingford) on Anglo-German attitudes and attitudes toward Germany around the time of the Second World War and after. Eric Cullingford was a Ministry of Labour employee and advocate for the reserved occupations system which ensured the supply of goods to the front during the Second World War. A life long fascination with Germany led him after the war to work for the Control Commission in Germany, assisting in the restarting of German industry, and he set up the German Trades Union Federation to encourage good employer/employee relations. He also worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and a number of European embassies. He died in 2009.

    Cedric Cullingford was Professor of Education at the University of Huddersfield. He was also Chair of the Huddersfield Civic Society 2008, chairing a series of events on "A vision for the future of Huddersfield" in June of that year.
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  • CVL

    Colne Valley Labour Party Archive Fonds

    Records created by the Colne Valley Labour Party in the course of its activities in promoting the support and election of Labour Party candidates for local and parliamentary elections in the Colne Valley parliamentary constituency.

    The collection includes the core administrative records of meeting minutes, annual reports, constitution and rules records, financial accounts, membership records, marketing records, correspondence and working papers. There is also a large amount of material that relates specifically to the Party's work and activities while contesting elections (particularly General Elections) in the Colne Valley.

    There is also a small but significant section of records that relate to the Colne Valley Labour Party creating, collecting and preserving records that reflect its history, these records include souvenir histories and other significant records that the Party believed were important to preserve. Also included in this material are records that relate to Victor Grayson who was a labour candidate for the Party, 1907-1915, and MP for the Colne Valley constituency, 1907-1910. Also two exhibition boards, one of Harlod Wilson supporting David Clark in the 1970s General Election and one of William Hall[local history exhibition at the University of Huddersfield, 2006]

    The Colne Valley Labour Party existed under a number of names and been affiliated to a number of different organisations since it was formed in 1891 as the Colne Valley Division Labour Union. Details of the Party's history can be found below in the Administrative History.
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