• NAS

    National Adult Schools Union (West Yorkshire) Archive Fonds

    1843 - 1996
    In this collection you will find mainly minutes of meetings from the various Adult Schools in West Yorkshire, such as Huddersfield, Lindley, Paddock, Halifax, Marsden, Women's unions and Teachers unions. Also, there are 302 class registers which are thought to all be from the Brighouse Friends First-Day classes (This is written on some, but not all). It is safe to assume this because there are various notes in the minute books and a note with the class registers explaining that they are sending the resources to David Hool, a research assistant to Arnold Hall's Adult School Project, so it likely that all of the registers were sent from the same place. There are various other items in the collection such as books about the history of Adult Schools, including Arnold Hall's book. Also, some miscellaneous letters and leaflets are in the collection too.
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  • NCY

    Norman Culley Archive Fonds

    Papers relating to the Architectural career of Norman Culley together with a few personal documents. The bulk of the papers relate to the building in 1909/1910 of 'Orrisdale', a detached house on Long Lane, Dalton, Huddersfield. They include pre-build, plans, mortgage and conveyancing documents, estimates for materials and costings and payments to contractors. A 1954 menu and toast list for the Norman Culley Jubilee Dinner signed by the 76 attendees is also included. There is also a collection of photographs which show his completed Memorial to the victims of Booth's mill fire in 1941 and High Street buildings, together with various black and white photographs of Golcar. Norman Culley's library is also available.
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  • NL

    Noreen Logan Archive Relating to Huddersfield Labour Party Fonds

    The collection contains:
    1 - Labour Party documents, such as letters, account books and membership cards
    2 - Social Committee folder
    3 - Newspaper cuttings
    4 - Election information such as flyers and manifestos for different parties
    5 - Socialist club minute book and account book
    6 - Other books and leaflets
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  • OAT

    Earnest Oates Archive Fonds

    Two handwritten musical compositions by Ernest H Oates - 'The Inn of Life Song' and 'The Cross Sacred Cantata' as well as two printed sets of SIX CHRISTMAS CAROLS by Thomas Merritt, and a letter to Ernest H. Oates from T. Levan on behalf of The Composers' Guild of Great Britain.
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  • OCN

    Open College Networks, Northern College and Adult Education Archive Fonds

    The collection shows the development of the accreditation-based Open College Networks for adult learning, which were founded in Manchester in 1982. The aims of the Networks were to allow adults without qualifications to further their learning and to study for accreditation, which would allow them access to Higher Education. It includes correspondence and publications, some of which were authored or co-authored by David himself. Other documents include Government papers with regard to the incorporation of further education colleges in 1992 and various publications relating to Lifelong Learning, including Helena Kennedy QC's report 'Learning Works'. Helena received an honorary doctorate from the University of Huddersfield in recognition of her support for Lifelong Learning.
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  • PAL

    Miscellaneous mortgage and conveyance documents for property in Downham Market, Norfolk, and in Bartby and Osgodby, North Riding of Yorkshire, Bradshaw Lane Mill Company and Fosters of Queensbury- Black Dyke Mills. Fonds

    These were found during summer 2015 without any contextual information as to provenance, and no accession information has been found. They appear to have no relation to any other items or collections held by the service. It was agreed on 16 Sep 2015 that they retained for use in palaeography sessions taught by the service.

    Conveyance 22 Sept 1731
    Property: All that freehold messuage or three tenements with the yard or piece of ground thereunto adjoining in Paradise Lance, Downham Market, County of Norfolk.
    Consideration: £50
    1. William Lingey, of Kings Lynn, County of Norfolk
    Rachael Alderson, of Kings Lynn, County of Norfolk, widow
    Collins Bannister, of Kings Lynn, County of Norfolk, blockmaker
    2. James Smith, of Downham Market, County of Norfolk

    Conveyance 8 Sept 1849
    Property: All that messuage and dwellinghouse at Osgodby
    Consideration: £280
    1. William Mitton of Stamford, Lincolnshire, Gentleman
    2. George Calvert of Osgodby, Farmer
    3. George Burton of Selby, Butcher
    4. Charles Hodgson of Selby, Gentleman

    Mortgage 2 March 1859
    Property: messuage, tenements or dwellinghouses, outbuildings and premises at Barlby and Osgodby
    £1340 and interest
    1. George Burton of Selby, Butcher
    2. Thomas Howdle of Bollington, Farmer

    Conveyance 11 March 1861
    Property: cottage, tenement or dwellinghouse, land, hereditament and premises at Barlby
    Consideration £80
    1. William Staniland late of Selby but now of Brayton, Gentleman
    2. Robert Fallowfield of Selby, Miller
    3. Charles Hodgson of Selby, Gentleman

    Bradsshaw Lane Mill Company. Letter or notice detailing shares and list of officers.

    Fosters of Queensbury-Black Dyke Mills. Booklet outlining information on Black Duke Mills. Pictures and text. Productions: Yarns, Plushes, Piece Department.
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  • PBT

    Textile Fabric Samples Collection Fonds

    Early 20th century
    Approx. 30 volumes of samples of textile fabrics transferred from the School of Art Design & Architecture (or predecessors) sometime during the 1970s-1990s. Little is known about the source and contents of these volumes.
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  • PSA

    Sir Patrick Stewart Archive Fonds

    This collection contains a mix of formats about a wide range of projects in Sir Patrick's career, notably a large amount of material relating to his theatre work, the Star Trek TV and movie franchise, X-men and A Christmas Carol.

    Some of the collection was amassed by the "Patrick Stewart Research Library" (and also possibly by the "International Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart") and later purchased by Patrick Stewart. The International Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart was an officially sanctioned fan club, active by 1990 until the late 1990s. It was associated with the Patrick Stewart Research Library located in a domestic home in West Islip, New York which was a volunteer, non-profit, fan-run resource started in 1996. The Library was a reference resource freely open by appointment, and offered photocopying and audio/visual listening/viewing facilities for the purposes of "public outreach and education regarding theatre arts and the career of actor Patrick Stewart"

    The IAAPS and the PSRL collected and made available "unique photographs, unusual theatrical memorabilia, many newspaper and magazine articles, as well as numerous video and audio tapes of Mr. Stewart's work in stage, screen, television and radio", as stated on a flyer of 1996.
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  • PSC

    Peter Stead Collection Fonds

    20th century
    Documents relating to projects and collaborations undertaken by architect Peter Stead (1922-1999). Also includes lecture notes, correspondence, diaries, notebooks, address books, press cuttings and publications. Comprises the following series:

    These series reflect the order in which the material was kept and arranged by Peter Stead
    PSC/1 Projects and collaborations 1954-1999
    PSC/2 Lectures and talks c.1956-1995
    PSC/3 Correspondence 1955-2000
    PSC/4 Administration 1958-1999
    PSC/5 Photographs, slides and negatives 1953-1999
    PSC/6 Universities 1963-1999
    PSC/7 Certificates 1972-1989
    PSC/8 Press cuttings and publications 1955-1999
    PSC/9 Miscellaneous 1955-1997

    This collection is owned by Kirklees Museum and Galleries. Heritage Quay provides storage and access to the collection.
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  • PTA

    Phyllis Tate Archive Fonds

    Items relating to the composer Phyllis Tate donated by Celia Frank, Phyllis Tate's daughter, including MS unpublished score of "Duende", reviews, programmes and cuttings; sheet music, and audio files of some of Tate's works including orchestral music; instrumental and chamber music; music for voice and instruments; major choral works; operas; music for schools and young people.
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