• HLL/7

    Peter Whiteley Collection Item

    Huddersfield programmes, players' testimonial brochures, rugby league magazine volumes, RFL yearbooks, match souvenir brochure, amateur club programmes and Fartown yearbooks compiled by Peter Whiteley
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  • HLL/7/3

    Rugby League Magazine Item

    Vol. 1, no. 6, 8 & 10, vol. 2, no. 13 & 16. Includes rugby league news, articles, obituaries, etc.
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  • HPA

    Huddersfield Rugby League Players Association Archive Fonds

    20th century
    Also known as ex-players and past players association

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  • HPA/43

    Photograph: Huddersfield Team 1952-1953 Item

    Photograph: Huddersfield Team 1952-1953. Shows Committee members: J. T. Withers, W. Cunningham, H. Lockwood, J. Wood Beever (Vice-Chairman), H. V. Wood esq. (President), W. Stoker (Chairman), B. Gronow, T. Matthewman and Arthur Archbell (Secretary). Team: H. Tiffany (Assistant Trainer), J. Brown, W. Griffin, J. Bowden, J. Large, J. Cooper, E. Slevin, D. D. Valentine, J. Waring (Masseur), W. Smith (Trainer), R. Cracknell, P. Henderson, J. C. Hunter, G. R. Pepperell (Captain), L. Cooper, P. Devery, R. Rylance, W. Banks, G. Curran and P. Ramsden. Also pictured are the Rugby League Challenge Cup and the Yorkshire Challenge Cup.
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  • HPA/201

    Trophy: Lazenby Cup Item

    This item is referred to as the “Lazenby Cup”, however it should be noted that there are several competitions that bear this name. The Cups were the gift of Arthur Thompson Lazenby, who at one time was a member of the board of the Leeds Cricket, Football and Athletic Co., Ltd. However, Mr Lazenby had an interest in junior Rugby League football for many years, and gave many trophies to senior and junior Rugby League football.

    The Lazenby Cups were gifts of Mr Lazenby for the encouragement of junior Rugby League football. The Cups were played for annually by Leeds and Hunslet, Dewsbury and Wakefield Trinity, and Keighley and Bradford Northern. The first Lazenby Cup was reportedly played by Dewsbury and Wakefield Trinity on 17 April 1920.

    Mr Lazenby died in 1946, aged 73.

    A Cup for Dewsbury. 19 April 1920. Leeds Mercury.

    Mr A. T. Lazenby: Death of a Rugby League Benefactor. 1 May 1946. Yorkshire Evening Post.
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  • HUD/LB/3/4/1/9

    Heritage Quay Learning Video - Sport Item

    Feb 2017
    This film has been developed at Heritage Quay to introduce primary age children to the sports collections in the University of Huddersfield’s archives. The film is 3 minutes and 2 seconds in length.

    The Rugby Football League was founded in Huddersfield in 1895 and Rugby League is central to the sports archive at Heritage Quay. It includes items of kit as well as rare match programmes, advertising material and player registers and correspondence. Smaller collections on cricket are also held.
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  • LUM

    Fred Lumb Archive Fonds

    Rugby League, Cricket and other sports memorabilia
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  • LUM/1

    Rugby League programmes and memorabilia Subfonds

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  • LUM/1/1

    Rugby League Programmes Item

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  • LUM/1/5

    Postcard Huddersfield Rugby League team Item

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