• EN/CR/5/1

    Programmes, handbooks and papers of International Netball bodies Item

    late 20th century
    All Australian Netball Association
    New Zealand Netball Association
    Scottish Netball Association
    Northern Ireland Netball Association
    International Federation of Women's Basetball and Netball Associations
    Welsh Netball Association
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  • EN/CR/5/2

    International Federation of Netball Associations Item

    Constitution and rules 1975-1995
    Conference proceedings 1975, 1979, 1983, 1987,
    Council minutes 1967, 1979, 1997, 1999,
    notes re fixtures and history, lists of officers 1957-1975
    correspondence with IOC
    handbooks of administration 1957-1995
    mailing list for members 1978-1994 [NB Data Protection applies]
    IFNA news 1996, Netballworld magazine issues 1 and 2, 2011-2012
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  • EN/CR/5/3

    Federation of European Netball Associations Item

    correspondence and test papers relating to umpiring award 1980s-1990s [contains personal details]
    minutes of umpiring meetings 1986-1995
    committee meeting and AGM minutes and reports 1985-2001
    book of administration 1995
    Netball into Europe meeting minutes 1985-1993
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  • EN/MD/1

    Papers relating to production of films and videos promoting Netball Item

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  • EN/MD/3

    Press releases, cuttings and articles Item

    Box 1
    Press releases 1977-1988 2 bundles

    press cuttings 1938-1983

    Box 2
    press cuttings 1982-1986

    Box 3
    Press cuttings 1985-1993

    Box 4
    press cuttings 1995-2003

    Box 5
    articles, press releases and correspondence relating to broadcast media 1954-1960s. Mainly by Mary Bulloch

    press handbooks and cuttings for World Netball Championship 1987-1995

    Media guide 2012

    Netball scrap book presented to Miss AM Ward 1949 by Middlesex County Netball Association. photos, cartoons, newscuttings, programmes and reminiscences 1917-1949
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  • EN/MK/1

    Marketing products Item

    England Netball conference bag, coaster, recipe book, diary produced by AENA and England Netball as promotional items.
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  • EN/P

    Photographs, slides and negatives of netball action Subfonds

    Box 1
    negatives 1977-1980
    Box 2
    Slides 1980-1985
    Box 3
    Slides 1986-1987
    Box 4
    Slides 1993-1994
    Box 5
    Slides 1994-1999
    Box 6
    Slides 1991-1995
    Box 7
    Slides 1994-1995
    Box 8
    Slides 1996
    Box 9
    Slides 1996-1997
    Box 10
    Slides 1997
    Box 11
    Slides 1992-2000
    Box 12
    Slides 1998-1999
    Box 13
    Negatives, 1995 9th World Championships, 1981-1983
    Box 14

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  • EN/P/B

    Netball dress Item

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  • EN/RE

    Audio visual recordings Subfonds

    recordings mainly of Netball matches in VHS, CD, CR-ROM, and DVD formats. CDs include some oral history recordings.
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  • EN/RE/1

    Videos Item

    late 20th century
    230 VHS video casettes. Recordings of netball action, tournaments and promotional films.
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