• EN/AV/2

    Heritage projects Series

    20th century
    scrapbooks of newscuttings, copies of Netball magazine and other memorabilia.
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  • EN/AV/2/1

    Scrapbooks and history of Netball Item

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  • EN/AV/2/2

    History of Netball Item

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  • EN/AV/2/2

    Heritage projects Item

    20th cent.
    1. Our Netball History: England Netball's Influential Figures: Liz Broomhead, Mary French, Jean Perkins, Jean Robinson, Mary Bullock.
    2. Our Netball History: Netball at School, over 90 years.
    3. England Netball: 90th Anniversary Challenge.
    4. Our Netball History: Netball at Work.
    5. Our Netball History: 90 years of Netball History.
    6. Our Netball History: You are part of the History.
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  • EN/AV/2/2/2

    AENA Netball 1901-1952 Silver Jubilee booklet Item

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  • EN/AV/2/2/4

    Programme for England Netball Life Members Celebration of 80th Birthday Item

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  • EN/AV/2/2/5

    Brochure for 90th Anniversary Challenge Item

    An attempt to break Guinness World Record for the 'Largest Netball Exihibition Match' + Guinness Book of Records certificate
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  • EN/AV/2/2/7

    Book 'A Century of Netball' written by Rita Oosthuizen for South Africa netball Item

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  • EN/AV/2/2/9

    Print setup of 'The History of Netball' Item

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  • EN/AV/2/2/10

    Book made up of copies of 'Netball', the official magazine of the AENA Item

    Sep 1961-Jun 1964
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