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    Heritage Quay Learning Video - The Arts Item

    Feb 2017
    This film has been developed at Heritage Quay to introduce secondary age children to the sports collections in the University of Huddersfield’s archives. The film is 3 minutes and 13 seconds in length.

    The archives contain collections which reflect the range of human creative expression, from the visual arts reflect in the Huddersfield Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition, to performance arts portrayed by local drama and musical groups such as the Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society and the Lawrence Batley and Mikron theatres.
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  • KTT/MK/4

    Programmes Item

    Programmes almost all dating from 1993-2006.

    Box 1:

    ‘Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates’, nd [?1994]
    ‘Gloria, A Pigtail’, Opera North, 17 Nov-19 Nov [?1994]
    Grand Charity Opening Night of Lawrence Batley Theatre, 11 Sep 1994
    ‘Holly and the Ivy’, Middle Ground Theatre Company,17-21 Feb 1994
    Lawrence Batley Theatre commemorative programme, Sep 1994
    ‘Leave Taking’, Royal National Theatre, 1994
    ‘Mr Marriot Ramsden’s Celebrated Music Hall’, Huddersfield Theatre Users Association, 8 Sep 1994-10 Sep 1994
    ‘Out with the Old, In with the New’, Huddersfield Theatre Users Association, 23 Jun 1994-25 Jun 1994
    ‘Songlines’, Grand Union Orchestra, nd [?1994]
    ‘St David’s School, Presentation of Prizes, Certificates and Trophies’, 19 Oct 1994

    ‘Adventures of Mr Toad’, 7 Dec 1995-30 Dec 1995
    ‘Aladdin’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 9 Jan 1995-14 Jan 1995
    ‘Annie Get Your Gun’, Lindley Church Amateur Operatic Society, 13 Feb 1995-18 Feb 1995
    ‘Ballet Central’, Northern Ballet Theatre, nd [?1995]
    ‘The Caretaker’, Compass Theatre Company, 1995
    ‘Foolish But Fun’, Huddersfield North Gang Show, 2 Mar 1995-4 Mar 1995
    ‘Gondoliers’, Huddersfield Gilbert and Sullivan Society, 16 May 1995-20 May 1995
    ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’, Watermill Theatre, 1 May 1995-6 May 1995
    ‘Huddersfield Thespians, 75th Anniversary Programme’, 1995
    ‘Huddersfield Thespians, 76th Season Programme’, 1995-1996
    ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, English Touring Theatre, 5 Jun-10 Jun [?1995]
    ‘Lighthouse’, Music Theatre Wales, nd [?1995]
    ‘Mame’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 3 Apr 1995-8 Apr 1995
    ‘The Marvellous Boy’ and ‘Dear Prudence’, Our Theatre Company, 16 Oct 1995
    ‘Mastersingers in Concert’, 21 May 1995
    ‘My Fair Lady’, Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, Nov 1995
    ‘The Navigator’, nd [?1995]
    ‘North Stars Steel Orchestra’, 15 Oct 1995
    ‘Parson’s Pirates’ Opera Della Luna, nd [?1995]
    ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, Opera North, 1995
    ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’, Woodhouse Amateur Operatic Society, Mar 1995
    ‘A Song for Megan’, Paul Whittaker with Cabaret Theatre, 5 May 1995
    ‘Sophisticated Ladies, Duke Ellington’, Cabaret Theatre, 1995
    ‘The Story of the Boy and the Wind’, Banialuka Poland, 21 Apr 1995
    ‘Sweet Charity’ Handstand, nd [?1995]
    ‘That’ll Be the Day’, Xclusive Limited, 14 Sep 1995
    ‘Twelfth Night’, Oxford Stage Company, 26 Oct-3 Nov [?1995]
    ‘Uneasy Lies the Head’, Patrick Stewart one man show, 23 Sep 1995
    ‘Venus and Adonis’ and ‘Marriage of Figaro’, University Opera Group, 30 Mar 1995
    ‘Wildman’, Aldeburgh Foundation Major Road and Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, 15 Jun 1995

    ‘Alice’, Trestle Theatre Company, 1 Jul 1996-17 Jul 1996
    ‘Alice, Artist’s Catalogue’, 1 Jul 1996-17 Jul 1996
    ‘Animal Farm’, Northern Stage, nd [?1996]
    ‘Ballet Central’, Northern Ballet, 1996
    ‘Bar Utopia’ Mike Westbrook Orchestra, 20 Nov 1996
    ‘Carmen, Cosi Fan Tutte and The Barber of Seville’ Travelling Opera, 31 May 1996-1 Jun 1996
    ‘Endgame and Krapps Last Tape by Samuel Beckett’, Compass Theatre Company, 1996
    ‘Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery’, Bridge Theatre, 6 Feb 1996-10 Feb 1996
    ‘Flowers’, Music Theatre Wales, nd [?1996]
    ‘Hamlet’, Oxford Stage Company, 1 Oct 1996-5 Oct 1996
    Huddersfield Technical College, Leap 96, 27 Jun 1996
    ‘Huddersfield Thespians, 77th season’, 1996-1997
    ‘I’ve Been Here Before’, Middle Ground Theatre Company, 1996
    ‘Like a Virgin’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, 1996
    ‘Lady Macbeth’, Millstream Theatre Company, nd [?1996]
    ‘Madam Butterfly, Carmen and Don Pasquale’ Crystal Clear Opera, nd [?1996]
    ‘Persuasion, Jane Austen’, ReCreation Theatre Company, nd [?1996]
    ‘Pied Piper’, Ronan Paterson and Ron McAllister, 12 Dec 1996-4 Jan 1997
    ‘The Provoked Wife by Vanbrugh’, Oxford Stage Company, nd [?1996]
    ‘Shakers the Musical’, Jane Thornton and John Godber, 28 Oct 1996-2 Nov 1996
    ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Adonis Ballet Company, nd [?1996]
    ‘Street Scene’, Huddersfield University Opera Group, 12 Mar 1996-14 Mar 1996
    ‘Temporary Rupture’, Black Theatre Co-operative, 29 Oct 1996-30 Oct 1996
    ‘Yeoman of the Guard’, Huddersfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society, 14 May 1996-18 May 1996

    ‘All’s Well that Ends Well’, Oxford Stage Company, 14 Oct-18 Oct [?1997]
    ‘Ballet Central’, Northern Ballet, 15 Jun 1997
    ‘The Beggar’s Opera’, The University Opera Group, 6 Mar 1997-7 Mar 1997
    ‘Bouncers’, LBT Production, 20 Jan 1997-25 Jan 1997
    ‘Buddy Holly and the Cricketers’, Ten Pence Productions, 17 Dec 1997
    ‘The Canterbury Tales’, Lawrence Batley Theatre, 29 Apr 1997-3 May 1997
    ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, Figment Theatre Company, 2 Aug 1997
    ‘Gym and Tonic’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, nd [ ?1997]
    ‘Huddersfield Thespians 78th Season', 1997-1998
    ‘Me and My Girl’, Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, Nov 1997
    ‘My Life with Kenneth Williams’, David Benson, nd [?1997]
    ‘Rip Van Winkle and the Fizziness Business’, Lawrence Batley Theatre and Play It By Ear Productions, 10 Dec 1997-3 Jan 1998
    ‘Robin, Prince of Sherwood’, Woodhouse Amateur Operatic Society, 18 Mar 1997-22 Mar 1997
    ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Northern Broadsides, 10 Mar 1997-15 Mar 1997

    ‘Absent Friends’, Lawrence Batley Theatre and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts 17 Sep 1998-19 Sep 1998
    ‘An Evening with Doreen France and Friends’, 15 Jan 1998-16 Jan 1998
    ‘And Nothing But the Truth’, Vtol Dance Company, [?1998]
    ‘Bouncers’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, 14 Dec 1998-23 Dec 1998
    ‘C’mon C’mon’, Leisure Management, 17 Jan 1998
    ‘Chicago’, Woodhouse Operatic Society, 17 Mar 1998-21 Mar 1998
    ‘Dick Whittington’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 6 Jan 1998-11 Jan 1998
    ‘Eclipse’, Lawrence Batley Youth Theatre, 13 May 1998-15 May 1998
    ‘The Enchanted Toyshop’, Ian Liston and The Hiss and Boo Company, 28 Dec 1998-2 Jan 1999
    ‘Fool’s Gold’, Huddersfield North Gang Show, 26 Feb 1998-28 Feb 1998
    ‘The Glass Menagerie’, Hayden Searle Productions, 1998
    ‘The Great Gatsby’, Stage One Theatre Company, 12 Mar 1998-14 Mar 1998
    ‘H.M.S. Pinafore and The Zoo’, Huddersfield Gilbert and Sullivan Society, 12 May 1998-16 May 1998
    ‘House’, 10 Nov 1998-6 Dec 1998
    ‘Huddersfield Thespians, Yorkshire Mixtures’, 79th season 1998-1999
    ‘It Started with a Kiss’, Hull Truck Theatre, 27-31 Jan 1998
    ‘Johnny Blue’, Oxford Stage Company, 5 Mar 1998-7 Mar 1998
    ‘Junk’, Oxford Stage Company, 4 Mar 1998-7 Mar 1998
    ‘Kiss Me Kate’, Lindley Church Amateur Operatic Society, 10 Feb 1998-14 Feb 1998
    ‘Macbeth Succumb to Me’, Maqama Theatre, 15 Jul 1998-18 Jul 1998
    ‘Madam Butterfly’, Opera Box, 26 Mar 1998
    ‘Merry Widow’, Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, Nov 1998
    ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Oxford Stage Company, 3 Nov 1998-7 Nov 1998
    ‘Salad Days’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 20 Apr 1998-25 Apr 1998
    ‘Trafford Tanzi’, Barclays Stage and Arts Council, 28 May 1998-30 May 1998
    ‘Ultimate 60s Concert’ Leisure Management, 2 Apr 1998

    ‘Arise’ and ‘I Licked a Slag’s Deodorant’, Rocket Theatre Company, 25 Feb [?1999]
    ‘Autumn Tour’, Mikron Theatre Company, 1999
    ‘Blithe Spirit’, Harrogate Theatre on Tour, 1999
    ‘Cinderella’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 5 Jan 1999-10 Jan 1999
    ‘Crazy for You’, Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, Nov 1999
    ‘Dangerous Corner’, Middle Ground Theatre Company, 4 Nov 1999-6 Nov 1999
    ‘Fat Hamlet’ Loitering with Intent, nd [?1999]
    ‘Funnybones’, Shap Theatre Company, 15 Feb 1999-17 Feb 1999
    ‘Gold’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, 14 Dec 1999-18 Dec 1999
    ‘Haunting Julia’, Stephen Joseph Theatre Company, 16 Mar 1999-20 Mar 1999
    ‘High Society’, Lindley Church Amateur Operatic Society, 9 Feb 1999-13 Feb 1999
    ‘Irene’ Longwood Amateur Operatic Society, 27 Sep-2 Oct 1999
    ‘Just in Time’, Mikron Theatre Company, nd [?1999]
    ‘K’Dar’, Hush Hush Hush, nd [?1999]
    ‘Kissing Sid James’, Hull Truck Theatre, 21 May 1999-22 May 1999
    ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, Woodhouse Operatic Society, 22 Mar 1999-27 Mar 1999
    ‘Mnemonic’ Theatre de Complicite, 24 Jun-26 Jun [?1999]
    ‘Off Limits’, Full Body and the Voice Mencap Project, nd [?1999]
    ‘On the Razzle!’, Moving Theatre, nd [?1999]
    ‘Return to Treasure Island’, Lawrence Batley Theatre and Figment Theatre Company, 31 Jul 1999 and 7 Aug 1999
    Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company, 1999
    ‘The Snow Queen’, Lawrence Batley Theatre, 6 Dec 1999-30 Dec 1999
    ‘South Pacific’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 19 Apr 1999-24 Apr 1999
    ‘Sulphur16’, Random Dance Company, 2 Nov 1999
    ‘Teechers’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, 21 Oct-23 Oct [?1999]
    ‘Three Men in a Boat’, Rodney Bewes and Elsewhere Theatre Productions, 15 Jul [?1999]
    ‘Troll’, Tutti Frutti, nd [?1999]
    ‘Widowers’ Houses’, Royal National Theatre, 19 Oct 1999-20 Oct 1999

    Box 2:

    ‘Africa Africa’, The Mighty Zulu Nation/Royal Academy of Dance, nd [?2000]
    ‘Ballet Central’, Northern Ballet, 25 Jun 2000
    ‘Balti Kings’, Tamasha Theatre Company and Birmingham Repertory Theatre with Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, 14 Mar 2000-15 Mar 2000
    ‘Basking with Sharks’, Leikin Loppu, nd [?2000]
    ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Tutti Frutti, nd [?2000]
    ‘Beer Street’, Mikron Theatre Company, 5 Oct 2000
    ‘Bitter Fruit’, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Trestle Theatre Company, 16 Nov 2000
    ‘Curtains’, Woodhouse Operatic Society, 6 Sep 2000-9 Sep 2000
    ‘Don Giovanni’, 1 Jul 2000
    ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, Tutti Frutti, nd [?2000]
    ‘Eugene Onegin’, Pimlico Opera, nd [?2000]
    ‘The Hobbit’, Figment Theatre Company, 29 Jul 2000 and 11 Aug 2000-12 Aug 2000
    ‘The Jungle Book’, Lawrence Batley Community Theatre Company, 9 Jun 2000-17 Jun 2000
    ‘Light’, Theatre de Complicite, 1 Sep 2000-3 Sep 2000
    ‘Monkey!’, Young Vic Theatre Company, 5 Feb 2000-9 Feb 2000
    ‘Musical Chairs’, Full Body and the Voice, nd [?2000]
    ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’, Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, 6 Nov 2000-11 Nov 2000
    ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’, Kirklees Youth Performing Arts Co, 12 Sep 2000-15 Sep 2000
    ‘Ruddigore’, Huddersfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society, 16 May 2000-20 May 2000
    ‘She Stoops to Conquer’, Compass Theatre Company, nd [?2000]
    ‘Sweet Charity’, Woodhouse Operatic Society, 2000
    ‘Talking About Men’, Steven Luckie, nd [?2000]
    ‘Thick as a Brick’, Hull Truck Theatre, 8 Feb 2000-12 Feb 2000
    ‘Tosca’, Crystal Clear Opera, 16 Mar 2000
    ‘Virtual Reality’, Stephen Joseph Theatre Company, 7 Mar 2000-11 Mar 2000
    ‘Waiting Room’, Benji Reid and Yorkshire Dance, 21 Sep 2000-22 Sep 2000
    ‘Wyrd Sisters’, Huddersfield Thespians, 10 Oct 2000-14 Oct 2000

    ‘Bedroom Farce’, Stephen Joseph Theatre Company, 30 Jan 2001-3 Feb 2001
    ‘Brassed Off’, Community Production, 3 Jul 2001-7 Jul 2001
    ‘Firebird’, Tutti Frutti, 5 Dec 2001-29 Dec 2001
    ‘Half a Sixpence’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 23 Apr 2001-28 Apr 2001
    ‘Hansel and Gretel’, Opera North, Spring 2001
    ‘Hashirgaki’, Heiner Goebbels, nd [?2001]
    ‘On a Night Like This’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, 27 Feb 2001-3 Mar 2001
    ‘The Slipper and the Rose’, Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, Nov 2001

    ‘All Steamed Up’, Mikron Theatre Company, 23 Oct 2002
    ‘The Bible’, Reduced Shakespeare Company, 27 Mar 2002-28 Mar 2002
    ‘Cinderella and the Runaway Prince’, Tutti Frutti, 5 Dec 2002-28 Dec 2002
    ‘Jaleo Flamenco’, nd [?2002]
    ‘Kes’, Lawrence Batley Theatre Community Production, 16 Jul 2002-20 Jul 2002
    ‘The Misanthrope’, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Production, 31 Oct-2 Nov [?2002]
    ‘Oliver!’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 22 Apr 2002-27 Apr 2002
    ‘Quartet’, Jimbo Productions, Jun 2003
    ‘Sanctuary’, Hettie MacDonald, 4 Sep 2002-7 Sep 2002
    ‘Talking Heads’, Huddersfield Thespians, 12 Mar 2002-16 Mar 2002

    ‘Aladdin’, Tutti Frutti, 9 Dec 2003-3 Jan 2004
    ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’, Lawrence Batley Theatre Community Production, 22 Jul 2003-26 Jul 2003
    ‘Biting the Bullet’, Huddersfield Thespians, nd [?2003]
    ‘Carousel’ Longwood Amateur Operatic Society, 6 Oct 2003-11 Oct 2003
    ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Production, 25 Sep 2003-27 Sep 2003
    ‘Cloudland’, Travelling Light Theatre Company, nd [?2003]
    ‘Copacabana’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 28 Apr 2003-3 May 2003
    ‘Don Giovanni’, Mid Wales Opera, 20 Oct 2003
    ‘Hot Mikado’, Woodhouse Operatic Society, 18 Mar 2003-22 Mar 2003
    ‘Just Before the Rain’, Peshkar Productions, nd [?2003]
    ‘Just Pearl’, Roy Clarke, nd [?2003]
    ‘On Heat’, Phil Cool, 1 Nov 2003
    ‘The Mikado’, Opera Della Luna, nd [?2003]
    ‘Quartet’, Jimbo Productions, 2 Jun 2003-7 Jun 2003
    ‘Reunion’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, nd [?2003]
    ‘Rumpelstiltskin’, Tutti Frutti, 9 Apr 2003-15 Apr 2003
    ‘Silas Marner’, Clwyd Theatr Cymru, 28 Mar 2003-29 Mar 2003
    ‘Verve’, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, 29 May 2003

    ‘All the Great Books’, The Reduced Shakespeare Company, 19 May 2004-20 May 2004
    ‘A Christmas Carol’, Lawrence Batley Theatre, 7 Dec 2004-31 Dec 2004
    ‘Cloudland’, Travelling Light Theatre Company, nd [?2004]
    ‘Double Dutch’, Yellow Leaf Theatre, nd [?2004]
    ‘Die Fledermaus’, Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, nd [?2004]
    ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, Tutti Frutti, 10 Dec 2004-23 Dec 2004
    ‘Phoenix Dance Theatre’, 18 May 2004
    ‘Sweeny Todd’, Watermill West Berkshire Playhouse, 4 May 2004-8 May 2004
    ‘Teechers’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, 20 Sep 2004-25 Sep 2004
    ‘The Tempest’, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Production, 30 Sep 2004-2 Oct 2004
    ‘The Wiz’, KYPAC, 8 Sep 2004-11 Sep 2004
    ‘Zipp with Giles Brandreth’, Pocket Music Theatre, 15 Apr 2004

    ‘Abigail’s Party’, Huddersfield Thespians, 29 Nov 2005-3 Dec 2005
    ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’, Huddersfield Thespians, 18 Jan 2005-22 Jan 2005
    ‘Bill Maxted’s Most Excellent Adventure’, Yellow Leaf Theatre Company, 21 Apr 2005
    ‘Goldilocks’, Tutti Frutti, 25 May 2005-1 Jun 2005
    ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 8 Jan 2005-15 Jan 2005
    ‘The Pajama Game’, Lindley Church Amateur Operatic Society, 8 Feb 2005-12 Feb 2005
    ‘Scrooge’, Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, Nov 2005
    ‘The Wizard of Oz’, Pamela Strickland and Zoe Cook Theatre School with Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 13 Jul 2005-16 Jul 2005

    ‘Cinderella’, Huddersfield Light Opera Company, 20 Feb 2006-25 Feb 2006
    ‘Horror for Wimps’, LipService with Greenwich Theatre, 13 Feb 2006-15 Feb 2006
    ‘Merlin and the Enchanted Mirror’, Kirklees Theatre Trust, 11 Dec 2006-30 Dec 2006

    Programmes with no dates:

    ‘Arabian Nights’, Adonais Ballet Company, nd
    ‘Beyond Broadway, The Show’, Calibre Productions, nd
    ‘Big Shiny Dress Tour’, The Nualas, nd
    ‘Breathe’, Torborah Dance, nd
    ‘Bugsy Malone’, Huddersfield Grammar School, nd
    ‘Byrthrite’, The Cellar Community Company, 1995
    ‘Circus Arts’, Pete Z, nd
    ‘Figaro’s Wedding’, Pimlico Opera, nd
    ‘Friendly Fire’, Lawrence Batley Youth Theatre, nd
    ‘Go For It’, Kirklees Schools, 4 Jul-8 Jul [1995, 2000 or 2006]
    ‘House of Straw’, Mill Stream Theatre Company and Trestle Theatre Company, nd
    ‘I Dare You’ Railtrack, nd
    ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, KAOS Theatre, nd
    ‘In the House of Crossed Desires’, nd
    ‘I Wanna Be...’ Figment Theatre Company, nd
    ‘Lempen Puppets’, Puppet Theatre Company, nd
    ‘Leikin Loppu’, nd
    ‘Living Pretty’, nd [post 2003]
    ‘Macbeth’, nd
    ‘Mr Marriot Ramsden’s Celebrated Music Hall’, (Fundraiser for Kirklees Theatre Trust), nd [1993 or 1994]
    ‘The Mouse and his Child’, Open Hand Theatre Company, nd
    ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, Show of Hands, nd
    ‘Sir Fool’s Quest’, PuppetCraft, nd
    ‘Up ‘n’ Under’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, nd
    ‘Wishing on Candles’, No Limits Experimental Theatre, nd
    '(Y)our House', I.D.O.X, nd

    Miscellaneous programmes:
    My Fair Lady, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane nd [?1960]
    Grand Patriotic Concert, Town Hall (Huddersfield), 23 July 1915
    Huddersfield County Borough Police Guild, Police Concert, 18 November 1936
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  • KTT/PT/1

    Images Series

    All images are in colour unless otherwise stated.

    Before and during Queen Street Chapel conversion:

    1. Black and white photograph of interior of Queen Street Methodist Chapel before it was converted, nd [?1970]
    2. Black and white photograph of exterior of theatre building before conversion began, nd [pre-1994]
    3. 32 photographs of fundraising event at Oakwell Hall with Thelma Barlow, nd [?1991]
    4. Nine photographs of models of theatre in colour and black and white, nd, [?1992]
    5. 42 photographs of original features of building including fireplace, building works in progress, contractors and Kirklees Theatre Trust officers visiting theatre site and inspecting architect's model of building, nd [?1994-?1995]
    6. Six colour and black and white photographs of the theatre under construction, nd [?1991-?1994]
    7. Two photographs of Ron McAllister, Lord Harewood and others inspecting model of theatre in Huddersfield Town Hall, 1993
    8. Two photographs of Lord Harewood, Ron McAllister and others with scale model of theatre, nd [?1993]
    9. Three black and white phtographs of Ron McAllister, Val Javin and others posing outside theatre entrance in hard hats, possibly to mark the awarding of contract to Laing North East, 3 Sep 1993
    10. Two photographs of Ron McAllister, Barry Kidd, Councillor John Mernagh, Val Javin and one other in Huddersfield Town Hall with document [?1993]
    11. Photograph of press conference with Councillor John Mernagh, Lawrence Batley, Lord Harewood and Ron McAllister, nd [?1994]
    12. John Mernagh, Lawrence Batley, Lord Harewood and Ron McAllister in Queen Square, nd [?1994]
    13. Five photographs of Lord Harewood with scale model of theatre on site with architects, and contact sheet, nd [?1993]
    14. Two colour and black and white photographs of representatives of Carlsberg Tetley presenting cheque to Ron McAllister in Queens Square with shire horses, nd [?1993]
    15.Eleven colour and black and white photographs of Prunella Scales’ visit to construction site, 5 Mar 1993
    16. Two contact sheets of Michael Williams unveiling plaque, [?1993]
    17. Two black and white contact sheets of Ron McAllister, Marjorie Mowlam MP, Mark Fisher MP and others on visit to theatre site and one photograph of BTEC drama students performing for them, 1994
    18. Nine photographs of Lord Harewood shaking hands with representatives of Corporate Sponsors including British Gas and Barclays and two contact sheets, May 1992
    19. 10 photographs of Dame Judi Dench during the foundation stone laying event, some mouted on card, 25 Oct 1993
    20. 12 photographs taken in theatre courtyard to mark occasion of theatre keys being handed over to Councillor John Mernagh featuring Ron McAllister, Barry Kidd, trustees and councillors, Aug 1994
    21. Three colour and black and white photographs featuring Ron McAllister and Alan Aykbourn; in restaurant with four others (possibly French writers); and seated in theatre with two others, nd [?1994]
    22. Postcard showing theatre interior, nd [?1997]
    23. 13 photographs and contact sheets of completed theatre building, nd [?1994]
    24. 11 contact sheets and photographs showing theatre details and finishes, nd [?1994]

    Theatre building in use:

    24: 20 photographs of animal, Star Trek and Christmas themed displays in theatre entrance, [?1995]
    25. Box of slides containing images relating to the theatre’s public art commission, nd
    26. 42 Polaroid photographs of water damage and other building defects, possibly taken in relation to negligence claim against contractor, nd [?1995]
    27. 11 photographs of children on workshops at the theatre, with associated floppy disc, nd [?1996-?1998]
    28. Nine colour and black and white photographs taken by The Huddersfield Daily Examiner with the following annotations: ‘Fun in Theatre Courtyard’, 28 Aug 1994; ‘LBT leaking roof and two characters from production of Merchant of Venice’, 22 May 1997; ‘Lawrence Batley Theatre, cutting of birthday cake on open day’, 16 Sep 1995; ‘Ron McAllister celebrates along with staff from the theatre on the announcement of a lottery grant’, 1 Aug 1996; ‘Little Angel Puppet Theatre, Lawrence Batley Theatre’ nd; ‘Huddersfield Theatre Users Association – cheque presentation’, 30 Jun 1997; ‘Halifax Building Society cheque presentation to Moving Parts Festival at LBT’, 10 Apr 1997; ‘Art by Socially Handicapped’, 8 May 1997; ‘Masquerade Ball organiser Grant Lowe’, 31 Jan 1996

    North Wing conversion:

    29. 47 photographs of North Wing before works began with negatives, nd [?1995]
    30. Approximately 140 photographs of North Wing building work with negatives, nd [?1996-?1998]
    31. Approximately 60 photographs of North Wing building work with negatives, nd [?1996-?1998]
    32. Photographs showing North Wing occupied, nd [?1996]


    33. Folder containing miscellaneous images including: photograph of two people in restaurant, nd; original painting of theatre used for publicity purposes, nd [?1992]; Transparent photographic image of artwork used for commemorative programme, 1994; Reprint of pen and watercolour picture of theatre by Barbara Ellis, sold by friends of LBT, nd [?1994]; postcard to Ron McAllister from ‘Amanda’, 29 May 1998; signed photograph of Thelma Barlow in a pub with Ron McAllister, Denis Ripley and one other, Apr 2000

    Box 2:

    Photographs of productions performed at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, and photographs intended for use by the theatre for the purpose of publicising shows, films and events. Some photographs were sent to the theatre speculatively, and the productions they represent may not have been performed at this venue.

    34. 'The A-Z of Taboo’, James Poulter and Graham Duff, nd
    35. Chris Addison, nd
    36. ‘An Act of Faith’, nd
    37. ‘Adonais Dance Company’, nd
    38. ‘Alice’, 1996
    39. ‘And Nothing But the Truth’, VTol Dance Company, nd
    40. Gilad Atzmon, nd
    41. Colin Baker, nd
    42. ‘Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen’, nd [?1997]
    43. ‘Balti Kings’, nd [?14 Mar 2000]
    44. Barbara Peters School of Dance, nd
    45. ‘Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper’, nd
    46. ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Open Hand Theatre Company, nd
    47. ‘Bedroom Farce’, Syngenta Cellar, nd [?10 Jul 2007]
    48. ‘Beer Street’, Mikron Theatre Company, 2000
    49. ‘Beyond a Cliff’, Northern School of Contemporary Dance,1996
    50. ‘The Bible’, The Reduced Shakespeare Company, 2002
    51. ‘The Big Picture’, Mind the Gap Productions, nd [?1998]
    52. ‘Blythe Spirit’, nd
    53. ‘Bouncers’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, 13 Jul 1998-1 Aug 1998
    54. Mark Bowles and Hugh Nankivell, 18 Aug 1997
    55. ‘British Gas Ballet Central’, 2000
    56. ‘Canterbury Tales’, nd [?1997]
    57. Eliza Carthy and Nancy Kerr, nd
    58. ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’, nd
    59. ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ Theatre de Complicité, nd
    60. Chaanun Theatre, nd
    61. ‘The Chairs’, Theatre de Complicité, nd [?1998]
    62. Ann Charleston, nd
    63. Chitraleka and Company, nd
    64. 'Cinderella', Northern Ballet Theatre, nd
    65. 'Circomedia', nd
    66. 'Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates', 1994
    67. ‘A Clockwork Orange’ film slides, nd
    68. Dunstan Coulber, nd
    69. Barry Conway, nd
    70. Phil Cool, nd
    71. Miles Crawford, nd
    72. ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, nd
    73. Barry Cryer, nd
    74. Elaine Delmar, nd
    75. Geoffrey Derham, nd
    76. Matt Devine, nd
    77. ‘Diary of a Madman’, Stark Naked Theatre, nd
    78. 'Don Giovanni', Mid Wales Opera, 2003
    79. ‘Escape From the Harem’, London Opera Players, nd
    80. ‘The Featherstone Haughs’, nd
    81. Full Body and the Voice, nd
    82. The Flatville Aces, nd
    83. ‘Die Fledermaus’, Pimlico Opera, nd
    84. Kate Fleetwood, nd
    85. ‘Fourteen Songs, Two Weddings and Funeral’, Tamasha Theatre Company, 2001
    86. ‘Funny Bones’, Snap Theatre, nd
    87. ‘Going Dutch’, Hull Truck Theatre, Mar 2005
    88. Dave Gorman, nd
    89. ‘Grand Union’, nd
    90. ‘Hamlet: First Cut’, Red Shift Theatre Company, Mar 2000
    91. ‘Hamlet’, Arc Dance Company, nd
    92. ‘Hansel and Gretel’, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Productions, 2005
    93. ‘Happy End’, nd
    94. Hatty Heyridge, nd
    95. ‘Haunting Julia’, SJT Scarborough, nd
    96. John Hegley, nd [?2002]
    97. ‘Heart ‘n’ Soul’, Albany Theatre, nd
    98. Huddersfield University Big Band, nd
    99. ‘Hush Hush Hush’, Musiek Theatreloo, nd
    100. ‘An Ideal Husband’, Middleground Theatre Company, nd
    101. ‘Imogen’s War’, Mikron Theatre Company, 1998
    102. 'If You go Down to the Woods’, Mikron Theatre Company, 1998
    103. 'Jaleo Flamenco’, nd
    104. 'The Jungle Book’, Jun 2000
    105. ‘Junior’s Story’, Hudawi Centre, 15 Nov 2001
    106. ‘Just the Job’, Mikron Theatre Company, 1997
    107. James Keelaghan, nd
    108. Mark Kelly, nd
    109. 'The Last Train', Too Write Productions, photograph and letter, May 2003
    110. Leikin Loppu, nd
    111. London Dance Theatre, nd
    112. London Opera Players, nd
    113. Jacques Loussier, nd
    114. Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies, nd
    115. The Pat McCarthy Quartet, nd
    116. Ian McMillan, nd
    117. ‘Makinde’, 2000
    118. ‘The Magic Flute’, Pegasus Opera Company, Jul 1999
    119. Hugh Mankivell, nd
    120. ‘The Mighty Zulu Nation’, nd [?2000]
    121. Mikron Theatre Company, 1997
    122. ‘The Missing Satsuma’, Axis Dance Company, nd
    123. Edmund Moriarty, nd
    124. ‘The Mouse and his Child’, Open Hand Theatre Company, nd
    125. ‘My Life With Kenneth Williams’, nd
    126. ‘Neville’s Advocate’, Mind the Gap Productions, nd
    127. ‘Eddie Nestor and Robbie Gee’, nd
    128. ‘No Limits’, nd
    129. ‘The Nutcracker’, The European Ballet Company, Oct 1999
    130. ‘Oh! What a Lovely War’, Royal National Theare Mobile Tour, nd
    131. ‘On a Night Like This’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, Feb 2001
    132. Oxford Stage Company, nd
    133. ‘Perfect Pitch’, Hull Truck Theatre Company, nd
    134. ‘Peter Pan’, The Edinburgh Puppet Company, nd
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    144. ‘Smug Roberts’, nd
    145. ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ slides, nd
    146. Jenny Ross, nd
    147. Willy Rushton and Barry Cryer, nd

    Box 3:

    148. Sakoba Dance Theatre, 1998
    149. ‘She Stoops to Conquer’, Compass Theatre Company, nd
    150. ‘Shining Stars’, 1997
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    157. ‘Strawdogs’, (film), nd
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    160. South Asian Arts UK publicity text and photographs on compact disc, 21 May 2005
    161. 'Tales of Hoffman', Opera Box, nd
    162. ‘Talking About Men’, Hudawi Centre, Oct 2000
    163. ‘Talking Heads’, The Word Garden, Feb 2003
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    176. ‘Withering Looks’, Lip Service Theatre Company, nd
    177. Glen Wool, nd
    178. ‘Words on the Run’, nd
    179. ‘The Worst Witch’, Snap Theatre Company, nd
    180. Envelopes containing photographs of unidentified productions, nd
    181. Photographs of staging by Lamplight Photographic Services, nd

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  • MKN

    Mikron Theatre Company Archive Fonds

    Organisational archives relating to Mikron's activities since 1972, and related material from founder Mike Lucas' career in theatre prior to establishing Mikron. The collection includes an extensive number of Mikron original scripts, and documents Mikron's working processes as well as containing more 'finished' products like albums. Lucas' contributions to the Company as actor, writer, director, artistic director, tour manager and fundraiser from 1972-2005 are particularly well-recorded. As Mikron uniquely tours by canal narrowboat, many of their plays and often administrative material concern canal history, the restoration of Britain's canal network and issues around transportation.

    The archive contains records relating to Mikron’s heritage including pre-1972 plays and other material relating to early incarnations of Mikron and Mike Lucas’ early career, material donated to Mikron by staff and supporters (particularly photographs), recordings of Mikron performances (audio and film), scrapbooks and files compiled as ‘heritage’(eg Mikron’s own digitisation projects), an oral history interview with Mike Lucas for the Unfinished Histories archive and reference material such as books, dissertations and other publications featuring Mikron. This section includes Mike Lucas’ published memoir: ‘I’d Go Back Tomorrow’ as well as books and other publications collected by Mikron as research material and for tour planning purposes.

    Administrative and corporate planning records encompass Mikron Council of Management files, AGM files and annual reports and a small number of legal records. There is a substantial section of the archive containing records relating to Mikron's involvement in the running of Marsden Mechanics' Hall and events held there. This includes Marsden Mechanics Management Committee papers, Mikron at the Mechanics material, and records of the Marsden Jazz Festival (of which Mikron were joint-founders and organisers). Administrative records also include material relating to the Marsden Community Association and Marsden Business Association, general correspondence files, and records relating to the management assets and facilities, chiefly Mikron's narrowboat 'Tyseley'. Related to this are documents related to planning and managing tours, such as tour logs, Master Plans, Show Bookings files and correspondence with venues.

    The archive contains material related to the function of managing Mikron's relations with its local community. This includes particularly the archive of the Mikron Youth Theatre group, as well as the records of particular education and outreach projects.

    There are a substantial number of files relating to Mikron's fundraising activities, including applying for and managing grants from government and charities. This section also includes material relating to Mikron's search for, and relationships with corporate and individual sponsors. Friends of Mikron, the fundraising and advocacy group, is also well-documented, and there are examples of Mikron merchandise sold to generate income, alongside documents relating to other fundraising schemes.

    The archive holds some material relating to financial management including bank statements, correspondence with the bank, budgets and returns, show sales information, cash books and show reports, insurance records and a small sample of records relating to government tax-relief schemes.

    Mikron's administrative staff have long monitored commercial publications featuring Mikron and collected press cuttings. A series of press cuttings scrapbooks dates back to the Company's early years, and press cuttings files continue to be created. Mikron also kept recordings of broadcasts on radio and televsion in which they featured, and their dealings with broadcasters are documented in the archives.

    Marketing, advertising and press relations records include a substantial collection of advertising material (eg posters and flyers), programmes, a large number of press and publicity photographs, press releases and press packs and working files.

    Perhaps the largest section of the archive is the collection of scripts and directors' files. Scripts often include drafts and different versions, as some plays were re-worked when they were revived in subsequent years. Over the years Mikron has performed almost exclusively original plays, and each new Mikron script began with a carefully planned research stage. This has generated a large number of research files, many of which include notes from 'workshopping' a script, as well as notes and ephemera collected from external bodies. The Mikron research phase often included seeking out individuals with expertise or personal involvement in the topic in question, and conducting oral history interviews. These interviews are held within the archive, alongside permission forms governing their use.

    Mikron ran a small number of projects for which the outputs included a filmed performance and these films have been transferred to Heritage Quay. Mikron shows always include a strong musical element, with original songs being written for each play. Many of these songs have subsequently been professionally recorded and released on albums, which are available in various formats within the collection. There are also some files documenting the recordings and the working processes of Mikron's musical directors and song-writers.

    Further records relating directly to Mikron performances include casting files, job applications from freelancers and technicians, rehearsal Records (eg recordings of actors rehearsing), backdrops, a sample of props, costume and set designs.

    The archive holds a mixture of analogue and digital records (including digital copies of traditional formats). Note that digital copies have been made for preservation purposes, and are not to be used commercially.

    Recurring themes in Mikron shows and performing life: transport and especially canals, pubs and craft beer, feminism and women’s history, industrial history and working class life. The oral histories and research files contain lots of material on these subjects, and the artistic treatment of these themes can also be explored through the scripts and performance records.
    There are possibilities of studying individual writers and their creative processes, as well as Mikron’s play development process.
    There are excellent sources for the history of the company itself, as example of a small arts/ culture organisation. Also its relations with local government, Arts Council England and its regional bodies. Other potential areas of research would be looking about central and local arts/ culture/ voluntary organisations policies and their effect on local bodies, or the development of individual philanthropy and corporate sponsorship in the arts and culture, particularly from the 1980s onwards.
    There is also the potential to trace the careers of particular performers or the effect of a spell in a local company on actors’ careers. Cast members have including Buffy Davis (Jolene in 'The Archers') and Mark Williams (The Fast Show, Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films). Other celebrities/ well-known figures who might be of interest & were involved as patrons: Margot Fonteyn, Timothy West, Prunella Scales, Viscount Beaulieu.
    Music might also be of interest. As well as albums and recordings of performances, there is a small amount of sheet music and some working material.
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  • MKN/AV

    Archives and Heritage, Mikron Theatre Company Subfonds

    Records in this section represent the function of managing archives and heritage of Mikron.

    This section includes collections of material collected by Mike Lucas (Mikron's co-founder), supporters, cast members and administrative staff which have been donated to Mikron.

    This section also includes records relating to heritage projects initiated by Mikron (often in partnership with the Friends of Mikron) and records which appear to have been retained for heritage reference purposes, for example a file of various records relating to the theatre company's launch.
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  • MKN/AV/1

    Mike Lucas Early Career Records Series

    Scripts, publicity materials, press cuttings, short stories, director's notes and correspondence gathered or created by Lucas, relating to his career as an actor, director of the Gulbenkian Theatre, and writer. Includes papers dating from Lucas' co-founding of the Mikron Theatre Company.
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  • MKN/AV/1/3

    'The Bubonic Plague Show', Poster and Newspaper Cuttings Item

    Reviews and publicity material from the Mikron Theatre Company's first incarnation at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
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  • MKN/AV/1/9

    'Mikron - Production/ Plays' Scripts and Related Administrative Correspondence Item

    Scripts 'Vacant Possession' and 'Back to Front' by Alan Partington, letters concerning play scripts, script 'Sitting Pretty' by Tim Dartington, script 'Ice Cream' by Richard Drain. Includes material concerning launching the Mikron Theatre Company and its first season.
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  • MKN/AV/2

    Heritage Material Donated to the Mikron Theatre Company Series

    Photographs of Mikron performances, the company's narrowboat 'Tyseley', cast members and administrative staff taken by supporters or staff and donated to Mikron. Also includes amateur audio recordings of Mikron shows.
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  • MKN/AV/2/1

    Unofficial Photographs of Mikron Theatre Company Cast and Performances Subseries

    Mainly colour photographs given to Mikron by supporters and friends. Includes material held on CD as well as prints. Includes photographs of canals and the Mikron's narrowboat 'Tyseley'.
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