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    Cedric and Eric Cullingford Library Fonds

    Formerly a Professor in the University of Huddersfield's School of Education and Professional Development, Cedric Cullingford's library consists of two main sections: his library on education, and his father's library (Eric Cullingford) on Anglo-German attitudes and attitudes toward Germany around the time of the Second World War and after. Eric Cullingford was a Ministry of Labour employee and advocate for the reserved occupations system which ensured the supply of goods to the front during the Second World War. A life long fascination with Germany led him after the war to work for the Control Commission in Germany, assisting in the restarting of German industry, and he set up the German Trades Union Federation to encourage good employer/employee relations. He also worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and a number of European embassies. He died in 2009.

    Cedric Cullingford was Professor of Education at the University of Huddersfield. He was also Chair of the Huddersfield Civic Society 2008, chairing a series of events on "A vision for the future of Huddersfield" in June of that year.
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    Library of Cedric Cullingford: education Series

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