• BGP/15

    Playing at Peace. A joint study on the Peace Movement in Great Britain and the Federal Republic of Germany by the Bow Group and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Item

    01 Mar 1983
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  • BGP/18

    Millstones for the Sixties. A Bow Group memorandum on Labour Policy Item

    01 Sep 1964
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  • BGP/28

    A Chancellor's Primer. The Bow Group Economic Affairs Standing Committee's proposals for radical cuts in public expenditure. Item

    01 Feb 1976
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  • BGP/32

    Vietnam: Threat and Involvement. A Bow Group Memorandum Item

    01 Dec 1966
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  • BGP/45

    Bricks and Mortgages. Proposals for Reform on the Building Societies. A Bow Group Memorandum Item

    01 Mar 1973
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