• GUE/6/6

    S E Keeble, The Rejected Prophet by Michael S Edwards Item

    Published by Wesley Historical Society
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  • SMI/SER/2/25

    British Methodist Historical Scholarship 1893-1993, Wesley Historical Society Centenary Item

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  • WHS

    Wesley Historical Society (Yorkshire) Collection Fonds

    This major collection comprises more than 25,000 printed items and some manuscripts related to Yorkshire Methodism that supplements official records deposited in the various Yorkshire local authority archives. It has a considerable number of chapel histories (but no registers) and supporting biographies/autobiographies.

    There are also general Methodist histories, Conference minutes, the Methodist Recorder newspaper and other journals and magazines.

    The collection is maintained by the Wesley Historical Society Yorkshire. Further information about the Society may be obtained from
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  • WHS/4a

    The Wesley Historical Society. South Wales Branch. Bulletin no. 4 Item

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  • WHS/5a

    The Wesley Historical Society. South Wales Branch. Bulletin no. 5 Item

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  • WHS/6a

    The Wesley Historical Society. South Wales Branch. Bulletin no. 6 Item

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  • WHS/57

    Lancashire & Cheshire Branch of the Wesley Historical Society. Pilgrimage to Todmorden and Heptonstall Item

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  • WHS/162 - 173

    Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society: vol xxxviii (3), December 1971 to vol. xl (2), June 1975 Item

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  • WHS/4225

    Wisewood welcomes one conference lecture. The Wesley Historical Society Methodist Conference, Sheffield. 30 June 1980 Item

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  • WHS/11586

    The Primitive Methodist Revivalists and the Gospel Pilgrims. (Notes of a lecture to the Wesley Historical Society Yorkshire ) Item

    Oct 2005
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