Thanks to our amazing volunteers

Today we marked the conclusion of the collections work of our first cohort of collections volunteers: Caroline, Maureen and Sue.

Hard at work
Hard at work

Between them they’ve greatly enhanced access to the Guest papers (catalogue forthcoming), the Mikron Theatre Company archive, the composer files and photographs in the British Music Collection, Rugby League photographs, and institutional archives.

Caroline, Maureen and Sue have so far given us around 410 volunteer hours – or a quarter of a full-time worker! – since they started their projects back in August.  All three are continuing to volunteer with us for events like the recent Maps Day and Takeover Day.

Guest papers
Guest papers

Thank you all three for your massive contributions to opening up the collections for use.

Also among our first cohort of collections volunteers were Tim, Sally, Michael, Katie and Aiden – we are so grateful for your help.

If you’d like to volunteer to work with collections at Heritage Quay – we’re recruiting until 31st January.

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