The British Music Collection exhibits on The Google Cultural Institute for International Women’s Day

We are delighted to share with you a fantastic online exhibition that showcases items from the British Music Collection on Google’s new online exhibition platform, The Google Cultural Institute.

BMC Exhibition for International Women's Day 1

A Wo(man)’s Work is Never Done’ has been curated by Poulomi Desai on behalf of Sound and Music for International Women’s Day. The exhibition reveals some of the personal stories of women composers within the British Music Collection and examines the relationships between the works these composers created and the social, cultural and political contexts of their time.

As Poulomi’s introduction says,

‘Using the idiom of “A wo(man)’s work is never done”, an exploration was called for of what might be considered ‘feminist’ and ‘radical’ – recordings, notes, videos and scores from anyone who considered themselves to be on the margins – artistic, social, cultural, political. There were specific interests in finding: ‘Unfinished’ scores and pieces, and Noise based, Dada, Fluxus, ‘nonsense’, poetry, text sound works and graphic scores. One of the aims was to highlight work that is on the fringes of contemporary new music scenes and interweave this with the archived works of composers in the British Music Collection.’

BMC Exhibition for International Women's Day 2

It was a pleasure to assist Poulomi with her exploration into the British Music Collection and we are delighted to support such an interesting piece of research into the unique collections that we care for. We certainly hope that this will inspire many more to explore the fascinating range of stories that are awaiting discovery within the Heritage Quay searchroom!

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