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Heritage Quay has been open to the public since November, but today was the first time we held a schools session, and the honour went to Bradford based Oasis Academy .

40 Year 9 students were welcomed on a Taster Day by the university’s Schools, Colleges and Liaison Team, and  Heritage Quay was their base for the day.

Students were given an introduction to the university archives, and a tour of the search room and the exhibition space where the touch tables were very popular with students and teachers alike.

The Whitley collection and textile sample books from the Fabrics of India collection were used as starting points for group activities – you can see the results below  – then there was just enough time before lunch for the lead teacher to demonstrate how the curvy screen worked – possibly the highlight of the day!

Schools sessions focussing on different curriculum areas will be up and running soon at Heritage Quay – to find out more,  just email us at



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