Rhyming fun for Friday

Every archive service needs a system for finding the collections and items described in lists, ranging from letters and numbers, to barcodes. Here at Heritage Quay we use a system where every shelf has a letter and a number. We then make a note on the collection list of which boxes are on which shelf – simple!


At the end of each row of shelves we put the letter that can be found on all the shelves so that we can see, at a glance, where we need to go. To make this a bit more fun we’ve added a rhyming alphabet poem below each letter that highlights different collections and facts about archives. Here’s a picture of A and B (A is for Archives kept so we don’t forget, B is for Big curvy screen – have you tried it out yet?) and if you’d like to see the rest come on one of our ‘Through the Quay-Hole’ behind the scenes tours where you can learn about the archive collections, the building, events and take a trip behind the scenes into the archive strong rooms. The next one is on 18th February at 1.30pm, there’s no need to book just come to the Heritage Quay exhibition area.




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