New Year Catalogue Cheer!

With the Heritage Quay search room open once again to welcome in 2015, here’s a list of the latest archive catalogues that are now fully searchable on the online catalogue. All of these collections are freely accessible for study and research at Heritage Quay. Please see our Visit Us page to make an appointment.

  • Albert Booth photographic library, 1928-2006 – The professional library of Albert Booth, notable Huddersfield photographer.
  • David Canter Environmental Psychology Library, 1892-2007 – The library of works on the discipline of environmental psychology, collected by Professor David Canter and deposited with the University in 2011.
  • Stanley Chadwick Archive, 1830-1971 – Wide range of printed material on topics including politics, economics, war, the press, and the working class movement. The archive also contains Stanley Chadwick’s mother’s Sunday School prizes!
  • Norman Culley Archive, 1857-1966 – This collection is the private library of Norman Culley which will be of special interest to students and historians of architecture, as the library demonstrates the changing architectural trends and themes over time. Norman Culley was born in 1880 and studied at the Huddersfield School of Art 1895-1897, he later taught at the School.
  • Library of Cedric Cullingford, 1908-2007 – Formerly a Professor in the University of Huddersfield’s School of Education and Professional Development, Cedric Cullingford’s library consists of two main sections: on education, and on war.
  • Library of Arthur Gardiner, 1841-1987 – Library collected by Arthur Gardiner, notable conscientious objector during the First World War and later Mayor of Huddersfield.
  • Library of Alistair Wilson, 1865-1986 – Part of the library of Dr Alistair Wilson, Aberdare GP and active member of the Communist Party.
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