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Last Tuesday the Archive team joined with the rest of Computing and Library Services for CLS Live! our annual showcase of innovations and developments in teams across the service. We have a lot to share at present as the development of the Archive centre continues apace. We were able to show off our updated flythrough of the new centre contained the more or less final versions of the decor and brandings, which is essential to re-imagining the space from its former use as a large open plan canteen.

We also took some original from our Rugby League, Robert Blatchford and British Music Collections so visitors could have a go at deciphering some old handwriting, and look at old sporting and music programmes, as well as reading our poster contributions. These covered overviews of the British Music Collection, Rugby League, items across our collections relating to the First World War, and two posters covering an overview of the new centre and plans for events there in the first few weeks.

We had a really positive reaction from the nearly 60 members of staff and students that came over to look at the stall and chat with us, and to top it all off at lunchtime we were surprised and delighted to win the prize for best posters and presentation! You wouldn’t know to look at us that we have the gift of the gab.

photo 2ed

Our dedicated BMiC cataloguer Rob unfortunately didn’t make the shot as he was doing what we were all supposed to be doing, and talking with a visitor about the service! So, here’s a quick snap of him with our prize to show he wasn’t left out of the chocolate even if he didn’t make the pic.


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