HLF project update June

A month ago I posted on general progress – and once again things have moved on substantially.  Follow the team on twitter if you can’t wait a month for the next general update!

On the building side, demolition has turned to construction.  Next week I’ll be making a site visit with our HLF case officer, Nick, so will post lots of photos to go alongside the “befores“.

Rob and Kelda continue to make regular updates on cataloguing the rugby league and music archives as they make major progress in uncovering the collections.  Lindsay keeps us abreast of events on the blog – a mere fraction of the range of activity she’s involved in across the University, and working on the collections.  We’ll soon be joined by our new Participation & Engagement Officer who will be developing and delivering a large part of our activity plan.

Whitespace are finalising our brand and I’ll soon be launching our marketing campaign.  We’ve also recently appointed the team at design by hpm to work on the new website.

We also currently have a great team of students from our own History department working on the opening exhibition as part of their degree work placements – you can get a sense of what some of their colleagues on the course have been up to over on the Historians at Work blog.

In other news, our giant box of chocolates from our win at CLS Live is nearly finished – anyone for Turkish Delight?


And no, Rob didn’t eat the lot

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