It’s a sad day – farewell to Jenny

A big thankyou to Jenny for doing so much great work in a very short space of time.  We’ve all enjoyed having you with us and are sorry to see you go.

So my internship has come to an end 🙁 at this point I suppose I should summarise what I’ve done and learnt.

By far my favourite task has been searching through the archives for any First World War relevance. I’ve found some really fascinating (well to me anyway) items and learnt a lot about attitudes to the First World War that I wasn’t aware of before. I can’t wait to see what’s done with it all, even though I am a little reluctant to hand it over, as I’d like to be able to continue on it myself.

I’d like to encourage people to attend the J. H. Whitley lecture, on 30 October. After working on the preparation for this I know it promises to be an interesting talk, and it’d be nice to know people are reading my hand outs.

I haven’t finished every job I wanted to do before finishing, but that’s ok because one of the things I’ve learnt about archiving is that jobs don’t often get finished as everything is part of an ongoing process. It wouldn’t be fair for me to have all the fun of listing the John Wesley books anyway.

Other things I’ve learnt are that no matter what collection you’re working on the box you want will ALWAYS be at the bottom of the pile, and sometimes when you do good work for people they bring you in biscuits.

I’ve had an amazing three months the only problem is it’s gone so fast, but the good news is I’m staying employed by the university, so if anyone wants me I’ll be in the new sports centre

Best of luck in the new job – and of course we’ll keep you posted on what happens next here!  Thank you again for all your hard work.

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