Working in archives – another update from Jenny

The University is running its paid graduate internship scheme again, which prompted me to ask our current paid intern Jenny for another update:

I’ve had so much to do in my time here that 10 weeks have just flown by! My main focus these past few weeks has been on preparing hand-outs for upcoming exhibitions, so a lot of my time had been spent researching. It’s amazing how much I’ve learnt not just about archiving as a job but about the topics I’ve been working on. This came as a realisation to me last weekend when I visited the Imperial War Museum in Salford (it’s well worth a visit), whilst there, reading about the first world war it occurred to me how much I’d learnt from researching not just the first world war but also the J H Whitley collection.

This internship has been great in giving me experience of all different aspects of archives. I’ve gained experience in cataloguing, de-accessioning, listing, packaging, researching both for my own work and also for user enquiries.

I’ve loved doing all aspects of this job and really don’t want to leave, so if anybody wants a hardworking, soon to be out of work, archives assistant, please get in touch

Anyone else in Jenny’s position will find lots of useful pointers on the careers pages of the Archives & Records Association website  .  Often vacancies are also advertised on the archives-nra listserv too.  Good luck with the job search everyone.

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