We know what you did this summer….

I asked our 2013 graduate intern, Jenny, what she’s been up to since she started with us in July.

UniFour weeks into my internship have flown by. Only eight weeks left. I can honestly say I love it. It’s great to be back at Huddersfield Uni and doing a job I really enjoy.


I’m never short of work to do, which is great. Things I’ve been working on so far have included listing the books from the Wesley Historical Society collection, labelling items in various collections, and researching what WWI connections there are in the archives.


BucketSome of the things I have to do here were expected, such as answering enquiries, numbering and listing items in collections to make them accessible to people. Others though were a little unexpected, for example I would have never have guessed that I’d start and end my days by emptying a bucket of water from the dehumidifier. Not exactly glamorous but important all the same!



GlovesThe WW1 project is the most enjoyable so far. Rooting through bo xes of documents that date back a hundred years, can be time consuming and dirty work (see photo right), but beats Wikipedia and Google searches by far!  I feel lucky to have been given a task that lets me delve so deep into a topic. Searching through this has been like being told a story.  Each item seems to give an example of how the war affected life in Huddersfield.


Even the (I won’t say boring) repetitive tasks are dealing with interesting items.  Having studied Christianity during my degree, I have to stop myself looking through each of the books in the John Wesley collection, or else I’d never get anything done. Also I’ve come across items signed by the Royal family, which going by the looks on my friends faces when I tell them, seems to be a lot more exciting to me that it is to most people.

Looking forward to what the next eight weeks will bring 🙂


Thanks Jenny! – keep up the good work

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  1.   M Sarah Wickham says:

    In the light of the recent debate within the profession about internships, voluntary work experience and so on, I should point out that our Graduate Internship is a paid position for 12 weeks as part of the University of Huddersfield’s graduate internship scheme. As well as paid work experience, this also offers careers support eg. making the most of your CV, interview techniques etc. Find out more about the scheme here http://www.hud.ac.uk/careers/newsandevents/news/interns2013/

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