HLF project update

There’s been lots of activity since I last posted about how the overall project is progressing – and still more going on behind the scenes getting the final specifications for the building works right, going through the tender process, and so on.

As well as making a lot of progress with our name and branding for the new centre, we’ve also been out to tender for conservation services to repair records that are too damaged to use without intervention, and for digitisation services to help us preserve vulnerable formats like Betamax video and audio cassette tapes, as well as digitising a selection from the collections to make them available off site.

Regular readers will have noticed, however, lots of collections updates on the blog recently – and the most exciting and tangible thing to report is our Collections Access Officers (both HLF and National Cataloguing Grants Programme) are in post and going full steam ahead on uncovering and exposing the collections entrusted to us.  Kelda’s already posted about her work so far on the Rugby League board archive and Rob on the discoveries made so far in the British Music Collection, and they’ll be posting regularly.

For me, these two pictures encapsulate a lot of what our HLF project is all about: making the collections more available, and in better facilities than those available to us at the moment (this is the Library’s seminar room, used for a couple of hours in between teaching so that Kelda & Rob can spread material out to sort it):

Kelda Apr 2014
Kelda working on rugby league
Rob Apr 2014
Rob working on the composer files from the British Music Collection


Collections Information Policy

The Service has recently completed drafting our first Collections Information Policy.  This focusses on the provision of intellectual access to collections, both by users and by staff for management purposes.  It will assist the Service in decision making and prioritising work in a range of circumstances, including:

  • Providing access to the holdings which is balanced with their long-term preservation and legislative requirements;
  • Cataloguing work by staff and volunteers;
  • The submission of funding bids with a cataloguing and information enhancement aspect.

If you would like to comment on the draft Collections Information policy please leave a comment on this blog page, or email archives@hud.ac.uk.  The policy consultation period will close on Friday 13th December 2013.