Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM) Archive
The administrative and other records of the Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM), formerly the Committee for the Promotion of New Music.

    Society administration Subfonds

    Records relating to the administration of the Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM), including corporate and strategic planning, general correspondence, governance, financial management, external relations with other bodies working in music, estates and facilities management, membership records, press, publicity and marketing.
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    Composer selection/call for works Series

    This series contains records relating to part of the core business of the organisation, to encourage the submission of new music. This occurred via annual calls for works, which were evaluated via panels, and shortlisted works were then performed in festivals and concerts around the country, and promoted via other means in the Society's work.

    Composers submitted scores along with an application form for the panels to review; these scores were often returned to the composer, but scores of works performed as part of SPNM activities were usually deposited at the British Music Information Centre. This seems to have happened infrequently, and was occasionally missed - this series may include some some scores but others are likely to be in the series BMC/SC as part of the separate archive.
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    Education Series

    Correspondence, papers and magazines relating to the promotion of music and composition by SPNM in schools and with under 18s, including some development activities for adult composers to work in this area. Includes the "Composing for Kids" and "Sound Inventors" schemes.
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    International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) - British Section Series

    Correspondence and papers relating to the administration of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) - British Section. The ISCM is an international network of members from around fifty countries, devoted to the promotion and presentation of contemporary music, and was founded in 1922 with Britain as a founding member. In 1987 the SPNM took over the administration of the British Section of International Society of Contemporary Music when it was devolved from the Arts Council. The Executive Officer of SPNM became the administrator for the ISCM British Section.

    Among its activities the ISCM organises annual world music days, organized each year by a different host and presenting music from each of the member organisations, usually chosen from a shortlist presented by the Section to the international selection panel.
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    Membership Services and Professional Development for composers Subfonds

    Activities of the SPNM relating to services to its membership, and in particular professional development activities for composers. Includes the administration of the Francis Chagrin Award, Butterworth and Dio Funds; the annual composers' weekends, and the New Notes bulletin.
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    Programming Subfonds

    Correspondence and papers relating to the organisation and promotion of studio recitals, workshops, concerts and other SPNM activities. Including specific calls for works with associated feedback; occasional scores and recordings; programmes and publicity materials; budgeting and other administrative matters.

    Most recordings were kept separately - see SPNM/RE for relevant years.
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    Recordings Subfonds

    Recordings kept separately by SPNM from general programming and other project files - see SPNM/PG for the workshops, concerts and other evetns in the relevant seasons, and SPNM/ED for educational projects to which these recordings relate.
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