Colin Challen (MP) Archive
Material relating to Colin Challen's issues of interest, work as a local Labour councillor and regional organiser for Labour, and as MP for Morley and Rothwell.
Includes many left-wing publications, documents from the central Labour Party and other material.

The archive is comprised of 8 series as follows:
CHN/1 issues of interest, particularly the environment and the radical press
CHN/2 Kingston upon Hull City Councillor
CHN/3 Labour party regional organiser
CHN/4 MP for Morley and Rothwell
CHN/5 Scarborough Borough Councillor
CHN/6 left-wing publications
CHN/7 central Labour party
CHN/8 Yorkshire Consituency Labour Parties
  • CHN/1

    Material relating to Colin Challen's issues of interest and activities with the Hull Free Press and other publishing Series

    Includes research notes and other reference/research materials, correspondence, copies of publications by other authors.
    Relates to Challen's works:
    Civil Defence in Humberside (1981) - Hull Free Press.
    The Quarrelsome Quill (1984) - Voice
    In Defence of the Party: the secret state, the conservative party and dirty tricks (1996) - Medium.
    The Price of Power: Secret Funding of the Tory Party (1998) - Vision.
    Save as you travel - new directions in mutual ownership (1999) - Victory Press.
    Labour and pensioners (c.2000)
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  • CHN/2

    Material relating to Colin Challen's tenure as a local councillor in Kingston upon Hull Subfonds

    Includes material relating to
    CHN/2/1 Hull North Constituency Labour Party; Hull City Labour Party; Hull District Labour Party
    CHN/2/2 Hull City Labour Group
    CHN/2/3 work as a councillor, including Beverley and Avenue Wards
    CHN/2/4 local elections & campaigns
    CHN/2/5 environmental issues
    CHN/2/6 Hull Campaign against the poll tax
    CHN/2/7 unitary status for Kingston upon Hull
    CHN/2/8 parliamentary candidacy for Beverley
    CHN/2/9 trades unions
    CHN/2/10 election flyers and general publicity
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  • CHN/3

    Material relating to Colin Challen's role as Regional Organiser for the Labour Party Series

    CHN/3/1 election campaign materials
    CHN/3/2 election cycle papers: West Hull, Leeds, Sheffield
    CHN/3/3 reports from Labour Cooperative Group; Yorkshire Regional Council Executive Committee; European Labour Party; individual Humberside and Yorkshire MEPs
    CHN/3/4 Leeds District Labour Party
    CHN/3/5 photographs of events in Leeds North (campaigning), Elmet (regional events) and York (photos of Staff - 1995)
    CHN/3/6 papers from Computing for Labour Group
    CHN/3/7 general work of the regional organiser
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  • CHN/4

    Records from Challen's time as MP for Morley and Rothwell Series

    Variety of records dating from Challen's time as MP. Includes correspondence on various issues, material related to numerous elections from general to local, information about the Morley and Rothwell constituency and Challen's time there and the wider North Yorkshire County Council .
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  • CHN/5

    Material relating to Colin Challen's tenure as a local councillor in Scarborough Subfonds

    Includes material relating to
    CHN/5/1-3, 6 Scarborough and Whitby Constituency Labour Party and the Scarborough branch, and Challen's parliamentary candidacy in 2015
    CHN/5/4 general work as a councillor
    CHN/5/5 election campaign for Council
    CHN/5/7 2014 European Parliamentary election
    CHN/5/8-9 publicity and other promotional material for Labour and opposition parties
    CHN/5/10 general campaigning notes
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  • CHN/6

    Leftwing publications collected by Colin Challen Series

    Includes (mostly incomplete) runs of the following publications
    CHN/LP/1 Campaigns and Elections Magazine
    CHN/LP/2 Civic Venom, a Magazine for Deep Greens
    CHN/LP/3 Class War
    CHN/LP/4 Democratic News
    CHN/LP/5 State Research
    CHN/LP/6 Leeds Labour Active (complete run)
    CHN/LP/7 The Leveller
    CHN/LP/8 Red Pepper
    CHN/LP/9 Labour Crisis
    CHN/LP/10 Statewatch (complete run)
    CHN/LP/11 Undercurrents
    CHN/LP/12 Other non-labour Publications
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  • CHN/7

    Central Labour Party Documents and Publications Item

    This series includes central publications and nationally available magazines and publications gathered by Challen throughout his career.

    They relate to selection and election of candidates, the development of policy and campaigning, documents relating to the annual party conference and copies of journals and magazines that he collected during his political career.
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  • CHN/8

    Material from Yorkshire Constituency Labour Parties: Leeds Holbeck; Leeds NE; Vale of York; Also N Yorks County LP; Item

    This section requires further detailed cataloguing, which will be carried out during 2020.
    The names of the constituencies, organisations and dates have not been cross-checked

    This is a temporary summary as at January 2019:
    Material from
    Leeds - Holbeck Constituency Labour party 1960s/1970s - 4 boxes
    North East Leeds Constituency Labour party/other Leeds 1970s-1990s - 6 boxes
    Leeds City Council -1 box
    Leeds Morley - 1 box
    General - 1 box
    Co-operative Party - 1 box
    Miscellaneous - 1 box
    North Yorks County Labour Party Records - 1985-2012 (see boxes 16 and 17 below)
    Vale of York CLP Accounts - 1994-2001 (see box 18 below)

    Box 16 - North Yorkshire County Labour Party:
    - Loose papers, 2005
    - Local Government Committee minutes, 2003-2004
    - Nominations for 2001 local elections, 2000
    - Local Goverment Committee, c 1997-2001
    - General Election 1997 financial records
    - Attendance register, 1985-1996
    - Ringbinder labelled "Archive material from 1996", containing letters, minutes and documents, 1996-1998

    Box 17 - North Yorkshire County Labour Party:
    - Local Goverment Committee, 2009-2012
    - Thirsk and Malton documents, 2011
    - Bundle with material for various local elections, 2013
    - Folder with material for various local elections, 2009
    - Ringbinder with nomiations for 2005 local elections, 2004

    Box 18 - Vale of York Constituency Labour Party
    - CLP accounts 1994-1997 with campaign fund accounts 1996-1998
    - CLP accounts, 1997-2003
    - CLP consolidated accounts, 2000
    - CLP accounts, 2001
    - Material relating to membership and membership systems in the Vale of York, late 1990s
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  • CHN/16

    North Yorkshire County Labour Party Item

    1985 - 2013
    Variety documents from events and meetings including financial records, meeting minutes and attendance records, and promotional material for Labour Party candidates in various elections
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  • CHN/17

    Vale of York CLP Item

    1994 - 2002
    Detailed information about Labour Party National membership scheme and members, and financial records for Vale of York Constituency Labour Party
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