West Yorkshire College of Health Studies Archive
The archive includes governance records and a large series of student records. Artefacts such as trophies and badges are also included.
  • WYCHS/1

    Policies and Procedures: Business plans and merger Section

    1992 - 1998
    Business Plan 1994 - 1998
    Business Plan 1993-1998: Statistics (Folder) includes: module lists, student trainee lists, Draft of key criteria's and statistics
    Corporate Plan: 'Planning for the Future' handbook (2)Report of the Main Proposal for the Integration of the WYCHS into the University of Huddersfield
    Brief for the former WYCHS within the School of Human Health Sciences to be relocated to Storthes Hall.
    Report of the Public Relations Task Group (March 1993)
    Continuing Professional Development: Awards calendar, Modular calendar and a Handbook
    Clothier Report (July 1994)
    Report on 'Improving the college's external profile using computer-assisted presentations' (Linda Westwood, July 1994)
    Draft Report: Tripartite Validation Panel comments on authoritative programme documentation and Student Handbook - Physiotherapy (August 1994)
    ENB Programmes: Letters on the Working Paper 10 (31 March - 3 November 1995)
    ENB Programmes: Further letters (1994 - 1998)
    Investors in People portfolio includes letter requests for exhibition stand, logo, minutes of meeting - 10 February 1995
    Proposal for post-graduate course in Operating Department Practice
    Education and Training Planning Guidance
    GNVQ entrance criteria for Physiotherapy Course (January 1994)
    Letter: Tender to Yorkshire Regional Health Authority for Undergraduate Course in Midwifery
    Application to Nursing degrees examples
    Palliative Care Diploma Meeting Itinerary and maps
    Promotional Events and Advertising Procedures (May 1994)
    Communications and Structures (November 1996)
    APLA Procedures April 1995 (Letter, May 1995)
    Revised document on APLA and APEL (9 May 1996)
    Faculty APL Procedure (Letter, February 1996)
    Consultation Draft: October 1996 - Non-Medical Education and Training: Regional Education Development Group: An Emergent Plan of Action
    Report on equal opportunities (October 1995)
    Employee Information: Notes and minutes of Union Representatives meeting (January 1996)
    Procedure Matrix (Draft. November 1994)
    Policies and Procedures - General information
    Annual Leave procedures for support staff
    Study Days for practising midwives procedural handbook (October 1994)
    Forms for School of Human and Health Sciences post-graduate programme (September 1996)
    Partnership Agreement between Students and Staff on Placements
    Learning Objectives in the Accident and Emergency Department
    Establishing Stress in the Accident and Emergency Department
    Notifications of Elections (November 1994)
    Introduction to the West Yorkshire College of Health Studies
    Student Council Folder includes Student Charter, List of Council M0 21cembers, Nominations, Aims and Balance Sheet
    Student Handbook: General example (January 1996)
    Student Charter includes a questionnaire (November 1994)
    Accommodation Folder includes Guideline proposal, Occupancy list, Accommodation Report (June 1994), Payroll information, Letters on period of residency, students requiring accommodation, Pontefract General Infirmary, accommodation proposals (May - September 1995)
    Registry Liaison Group Folder includes Questionnaire results for award ceremonies, Training Bulletin and Open Day Itinerary
    Survey of Patient's experiences (2 April 1996)
    Student Service Information
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  • WYCHS/10

    Annual Review and Staff Section

    1995 - 2000
    2 Appendices
    University of Huddersfield Quality and Assurance Procedures for Taught Programmes (Handbook, September 1999)
    Evaluation Report for School Periodic Review (November 1998)
    Report of the Review of the School of Human and Health Sciences (November 1998)
    School Monitoring Committees and Terms of Reference of School Teaching Committee: Minutes of meeting (December 1998)
    School of Human and Health Sciences Scheme Document: Under-Graduate Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (July 1999)
    School of Human and Health Sciences Scheme Document: Post-Graduate Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (July 1992)
    BScHons Physiotherapy - Report of Validation (March 1997)
    DipHE in Counselling Studies - Report of Conjoint Validation (May 1998)
    ENB 2060 Conversion Course - Report of Conjoint Validation (May 1998)
    ENB N96 Neuro-Behavioural Physiological Assessment of the Newborn = Report of Validation (April 1999)
    ENB 997/998 Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice - Report of Validation (May 1999)
    DipHE Nursing Studies - Report of Validation (June 1998) including subsequence correspondence
    Operating Department Practice City and Guilds External Verifiers Report (February 1999)
    ENB Annual Report 1995 - 1996
    ENB Annual Report 1996 - 1997
    School of Human and Health Sciences Student Council - Proposal
    DipHE (Nursing Studies) Module HPN 202: Introduction to Sociological Influences - Student Evaluation Report (January 1999)
    DipHE (Nursing Studies) Module HPN 207: Sociological Influences in Nursing - Student Evaluation Report (September 1998)
    Module HAN 306: Child Care - Student Evaluation (May 1999)
    Module HPN 204: Managing Self - Student Evaluation (January 1999)
    Module HPN 208: Portfolio Developmental and Reflection and HPA 204: Pre-Foundation Module - Report of Malcolm Richardson, External Examiner (Aspects of Nursing Module Area)
    External Examiners' = Action Report Forms (April 1998)
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering Quality Assessment Report (April 1998)
    Psychology/Sociology Subject Review Report (March 1999)
    Code for Assessors in Community Practice
    Role of Link Teacher
    Responsibility of Link Teachers to Practice Placements
    Practice Placement Audit Group: Minutes (June 1999)
    Practice Placement Audit Group: Minutes (July 1999)
    Criteria for Considering Suitability of Students for Programmes requiring a Police Check (July 1999)
    Health Screening and Vaccination Protocol
    Application Form for Post-Registration Courses
    Supplementary Information for ENB for nursing midwifery and health visiting subject review - Unit 8 Nursing
    Professional Development Programme
    ENB Framework for Continuing Professional Education for Nursing, Midwives and Health Visitors (July 1997)
    Major Contract Review 1999
    Education and Training Liaison Meeting: Minutes (March 1999)
    Midwifery Education/Service Liaison Links Meeting: Minutes (July 1999)
    ODP Strategy and Quality Monitoring Committee Meeting: Minutes (July 1999)
    Mental Health/Learning Disability Focus Group Meeting: Minutes (July 1998)
    Local Assessment Co-ordinators and Internal Verifiers - ODP Joint Meeting: Minutes(June 1999)
    ENB N96 - Neuro-Behavioural Physiological Assessment of the Newborn Course Planning Team Meeting: Minutes (October 1998)
    ENB N96 - Neuro-Behavioural Physiological Assessment of the Newborn Course Planning Team Meeting: Minutes (November 1998)
    ENB N96 - Neuro-Behavioural Physiological Assessment of a Newborn - Letters from Consultants in support of course (December 1998 - February 1999)
    Award and Module Calendar - Academic year 1999 - 2000
    Diploma in Professional Studies in Palliative Care - Module Timetables
    Service Contributors to Curriculum
    Diploma of Higher Education Nursing Studies (October 1998)
    Diploma of Higher Education Nursing Studies (February 1999)
    ENB 941/298 Care of Elderly (February 1998)
    MSc Health Professional Education/Health Professional Practice (May 1998)
    MSc Health Professional Education/Health Professional and Advanced Clinical Practice (March 1999)
    ENB Dermatological Nursing Course (November 1998)
    ENB 923/A24/A25: Minutes (February 1999/Agenda July 1999)
    Mental Health/Learning Disability Pathway Committee (September 1998/November 1998/January 1999/March 1999)
    Diploma in Professional Studies in Sexual Health (June 1999)
    BScHons Midwifery (June 1999)
    CertHE ODP Extract from Pathway Document re Staffing and Management
    BScHons Midwifery Studies - Employment Survey
    Employer Feedback/Evaluation - Continuing Professional Education
    Link Teachers for Huddersfield Trust for Continuing Professional Education
    Link Teachers for Dewsbury Trust for Continuing Professional Education
    Link Teachers in Core Trusts
    Pathway Document for ENB N96 - Neuro-Behavioural Physiological Assessment of the Newborn
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  • WYCHS/11

    Awards and Trophies Section

    17 Medals: The Huddersfield Royal Infirmary: Awarded for Efficiency (16 Silver, 1 Gold)
    John Sayer Trophy awarded to P. G. Brown (1961)
    Margaret H. Thomason Trophy awarded to P. G. Brown (1963)
    Margaret Thomason Trophy awarded to J. T. Mullins (September 1995)
    James Hayhurst Trophy awarded to J. T. Mullins, K. Faulkner and R. Copley (September 1995)
    Hayhurst Trophy awarded to P. G. Brown, A. Ross and P. Andrew (1963)
    6 Badges with the West Yorkshire College of Health Studies symbol, but no names indented.
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  • WYCHS/12

    Student Nurse Registers Item

    1943 - 1995
    Dewsbury School of Nursing Badges: Names and dates of nurses who received badges, disposed badges and how much they sold for (February 1938 - October 92)
    Register of Trained Staff (Dewsbury): Index of names and individual information including; position held, certificates held, previous experience, sickness and holidays, length of position held (full information from 1930 - 1960)
    Candidates entering training and reasons for leaving without completing training (1943 - 1995)
    Preliminary training school register (January 1947 - January 1950) includes; exam results
    Assistant Pupils: Preliminary training school (July 1949 - April 1950)
    Student Nurses Training School Register; Exam results (January 1948 -May 1993)
    Notes on pupils includes; name, length of course, age and remarks
    Clayton Hospital: Training School Examination Register (1949 - 1968)
    Training Register includes; names, dates of birth, age, training date and exam results
    Nurses Register: Individual information, remarks and exam results, some photo's included (1951 - 1961)
    Student Register (January 1948 - January 1956) includes; names, examination results and matron's remarks
    Student Registers with examination results (Names and information crossed out with 'Scrap Paper' on the front)
    General Nursing Council: Student Nurses Records Register includes; Individual information - names, previous occupation, exam results and certificates
    Register of Students Attending the School of Remedial Gymnastics and Recreational Therapy, includes; names, service and appointment
    Register of Cadets Particulars (May 1956 - March 1964)
    Student Registers; examination results and matron's remarks
    Official Diary 1956 - Mr. Scowcroft
    Pupil Assistant Training Register - Individual information; name, birth, training time, hospital, ward, religion, absences
    Nurses Register - Snapethorpe Hospital includes names, experience, duties, certificates, reasons for leaving
    Pinderfields General Hospital, Wakefield - Orthopaedic Training; Individual information; name, nature of work, ward reports, matron's report, reasons for absence (December 1951 - January 1957)
    Clayton Hospital: Student Nurses' Register (April 1958 - January 1966) - Individual Information; names, birth, religion, education, certificates, time in training school, time occupied, report of training
    Student Nurses Register, Wakefield (January 1951 - April 1958 ) - Individual Information; names, birth, religion, education, certificates, time in training school, time occupied, report of training
    Pinderfields General Hospital (June 1958); exam results
    Pinderfields General Hospital; General Students, Preliminary Training School, Attendance registers for different modules, and the aim of the lesson
    School Register; Attendance registers for different modules, and the aim of the lesson (October 1962 - May 1965)
    The General Hospital Batley: Assistant Nurse Training School (Book 2); Individual Information; names, birth, hospital, ward, training commenced, absences, remarks
    Registers; January 1962 - May 1968 also includes, self-made index
    Pinderfields General Hospital; Orthopaedic Students - Attendance registers and topics of module (1961 -1965)
    Records of Test Scores - Mr. Scowcroft; Register of students and results
    Candidates entering training (S.E.N.) - Register; Enrolment Date, Certificate, Badge (September 1969)
    Register of Students Attending the School of Remedial Gymnastic and Recreational Therapy: Register includes names, age, appointment, picture
    (January 1969 - July 1984)
    The General Hospital Batley; Enrolled Nurse Training School (Book 3); Individual information; name, religion, date of birth, hospital, ward, period, absences, general remarks (October 1965 - July 1969)
    Clayton Hospital: Student Nurses' Register (May 1966 - 1968); Individual Information; names, date of birth, religion, education, certificates, period of training, report of training
    Nursing Cadets Register and Pre-nursing students (September 1963 - 1966), Individual information; name, birth, religion, entry, education, sickness, technical school report
    Royal Infirmary, Huddersfield/Dewsbury District Hospital/Halifax General Hospital/: Student Nurse Register; Kardex System; Individual Information - name, birth, nationality, religion, course completion, previous training and education (1991 - 1992)
    Pupil Nurse Training; Attendance in schools (1974 - 1978)
    Register of Students; Attending the three year course of training (1984 - ), Individual information - name, date of birth, photo
    Notice of Casualty: Wakefield Area Health Authority, Pinderfields Hospital (1977 - 1985)
    Register of Resumed pupil nurse training; Register and small remarks
    Consultants Lectures' Orthopaedic Training School (September 1970); Attendance register and topic of lectures
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  • WYCHS/13

    Student Procedures and Photos Section

    1969 - 1995
    Orthopaedic Nurse Training School - Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield: Rules and Syllabus (January 1970)
    Wakefield School of Nursing: Experimental Scheme of Training for Student Nurses (Syllabus 1962)
    Information for relatives (Leaflet, Pinderfields General Hospital)
    Stanley Hall Nurses Home, Pinderfields General Hospital: Official Guide and Rules of Residence
    Session timetable: Health topics (September - December 1996)
    Syllabus of Subjects for Examination: General Nursing (1969/76)
    Training Syllabus: Register of Nurses: General Nursing (1977)
    Exit Interview Records: Includes reasons for leaving (1995)
    Post Registration Courses and National Vocational Qualification (January 1995) includes costs of course
    Practical Placement Profile: Quarterly Report (January 1995)
    Partnership Agreements and Placement Areas: Student and Teaching Staff (January 1997) - Informative handbook
    Accommodation folder; Student information and letters
    Photos and slides: Slideshow film, Photos of information stand at Newcastle and Northumbria College of Health
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  • WYCHS/14

    Unclaimed Certificates Item

    1988 - 1993
    Tube Certificate: Theoretical & Practical Nursing Certificate (V. Anderson)
    Box of unclaimed badges: Academic badges; The West Yorkshire College of Health Studies, The Dewsbury School of Nursing, The Halifax General Hospital : Midwifery School, School of Nursing: Calderdale - Badges (68)
    Certificate of Training (October 1991, 20 Certificates')
    Letters on the presentation, and
    Certificates of course completion (33 Certificates)
    Registered Mental Nurse Certificate (10 Certificates, 1993)
    Certificate of Training (21 Certificates, 1988 - 1992)
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  • WYCHS/15

    Annual NHS Report and National Audit Office Files Section

    2001 - 2002
    Non-medical education and training: A joint national audit office and audit commission study (leaflet)
    Survey: National Audit Office
    Completed Survey: National Audit Office
    Addendum of National Audit Programme
    Information about the National Audit Programme
    Contracting for pre-registration non-medical education and training (Questionnaire)
    Letter concerning the questionnaire
    National Audit Office Survey: Professionals Allied to Medicines, Nursing and Midwifery
    School of Human and Health Sciences: Structure of - Annual Report for September 2001 - September 2002
    School of Human and Health Sciences: Annual Report for September 2001 -September 2002
    CPD Block Contract: Education Delivered September '01- September '02
    Equal Opportunities/Course Monitoring 2001/2002 - Number of students by ethnicity
    Annual Research Report: September 2001 - August 2002 and Additional Items for Annual Report
    Letter concerning CPD contracts
    Appendices; Committee, employee' funding projects, research active staff, CPD report, staff development
    Ethnic minority recruitment
    E-mail correspondence concerning moving and handling training
    Key findings of review and reminders of annual report
    Annual Report 2001 - 2002 file includes; e-mail correspondence, first post destination information, information concerning existing and new programme for nursing studies, notes on the annual report, pre-registration: nursing developments through MADEP project, strategic development, 6 Structure of Annual Report September 2001 - 2002 (Sent to different departments), Collaboration with practice co-ordinators
    Employment Evaluation 2001/2: Department of clinical & health sciences
    E-mail correspondence concerning mentor application updates
    ODP Student Progression (October 2002, Report)
    OPD Division information for Confederation Report 2001/2002
    Developments to be included in Annual Report
    Committee Memberships; e-mail correspondence concerning NHS and University Committee's, Nursing Studies planning team members, E-mail correspondence concerning Education Strategy Group, Questionnaire concerning NHS Committees
    E-mail correspondence concerning hardship fund, Annual report for Confederation, first post data, statistics
    Briefing Document - Graduate Primary Care Mental Health Workers
    Ethnic/Age/Gender Report for Admission cycle 2000/1
    Learning Quality Support Unit
    E-mail correspondence concerning employer evaluations, nursing evaluations and validations
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  • WYCHS/16

    Marketing Section

    2001 - 2002
    Timetable for the implementation of a College Management Information System (January 1994)
    Programme Information for West Yorkshire College of Health Studies
    Disciplinary Procedure and Disciplinary Rules
    Certificate types information
    Equal Opportunities Policy - Wakefield Healthcare
    Equal Opportunities Policy - Policy Statement with notes
    Major issues to be addressed on the policy
    Code of Practice with notes
    Student Travel Expenses: Pre-registration nursing
    Guidelines for Reimbursement of travel expenses (November 1994)
    Disciplinary Rules handbook
    Academic Failure (West Yorkshire College of Health Studies)
    Letters concerning project at West Yorkshire College of Health Studies
    Letters concerning Colleges of Health
    Faculty of Physiotherapy (March 1994)
    Clayton Hospital: Nurses Hospital - Information for Residents
    College of Health Christmas Buffet (December 1990)
    West Yorkshire College of Health Studies Business Card
    Handbook for the adult pathway with a medical/surgical focus
    Handbook for the elderly pathway
    Handbook for Developing the Accountable Practitioner
    Prospectus: Faculty of Physiotherapy - Honours subject to approval '94
    College Profile (November 1994)
    Prospectus: Faculty of Physiotherapy (Bachelor of Health Science)
    Header for West Yorkshire College of Health Studies
    E-mail banner for West Yorkshire College of Health Studies
    News Updates (April - January 1993), Team Brief
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  • WYCHS/17

    Awards and Certificates Item

    1972 - 1995
    The Garnet Martin Trophy awarded to the College of Remedial Gymnasts Cross Channel Relay Team for the fastest cross channel swim during 1972
    (August 1972, photo)
    Employment Service; Wakefield Healthcare using of disability symbol '94
    Investor in People awarded to West Yorkshire College of Health Studies (May 1995)
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  • WYCHS/18

    Award Ceremonies Section

    1969 - 1993
    Programme - Presentation of Certificates and Badges (November 1969 - November 1993)
    Proforma for Content of Student Handbooks (October 1993)
    Proforma for Individual Module/Pathway/Course Information Sheets
    Application for Study leave or associated costs
    Example certificates - Certificate of Attendance, achieved learning outcomes, successful course completion
    Example Certificates folder - Registered Mental Nurse (West Yorkshire), certificate of training, registered midwife, registered general nurse (West Yorkshire), registered nurse for the mentally handicapped, Registered Mental Nurse (Calderdale), Registered General Nurse (Calderdale)
    Personal Profile: Quality Education for Quality Practise, memo slips
    Diploma of Higher Education (Nursing Studies)
    Bachelor of Health Science in Midwifery, invoice details for poster
    Midwifery template and midwifery leaflet, and one with notes
    Notes on lectures and teacher training
    List of people certificates have been issued too, e-mail correspondence concerning certificates of attendance
    Presentation of certificates - Programme (October 1996)
    Example of certificate of attendance, template for learning outcomes certificate, template and copy of completed qualification, templates of registered general nurse, Training and development awards, registration for complex or components sample, registered midwife certificate, request for registration/enrolment for a care NVQ, Cervical cytology certificate, human sexuality sociological and ethical perspectives certificate, loss and bereavement in health care setting certificate, faculty of post registration certificate sample, critical care pathway certificate pathway, Advanced course for midwives certificate
    Long service award certificate (1994 - 1996)
    Post Registration - Teacher (Career History)
    Presentation of Certificates (November 1995), media release for celebrating student success, English national board, programme details for awards ceremony
    Long service award; eligibility
    Award Programme List folder (1996) - media release: special presentation, letters and notes concerning West Yorkshire college of health studies (January 1995), letters concerning lines of communication and areas of responsibility, open day (July 1997) Staff programme, Open day - Staff programme (September 1996), university and college entrance (1996 official guide), UCAS handbook letters, non-payment of guest tickets letter, theoretical and practice nursing certificate, list of registered nurses, alpha graphics; invitation notice, letter concerning award ceremony 1995, list of awards 1995, letters and notes concerning presentation of certificates, list of people receiving certificates, Awards 1996, order of ceremony 1995
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