Various files relating to race including newspaper cuttings covering riots and tension. Also inlcudes documents from the Commission for Racial Equality and several other equality organisations.
  • WYA/RC/2

    Calderdale Racial Harassment Item

    A leaflet which provides a step by step guide on how to report a racial harassment incident.
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  • WYA/RC/3

    Commission For Racial Equality Series

    The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) was a non-departmental public body in the United Kingdom which aimed to adress racial discrimination and promote racial equality.
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  • WYA/RC/4

    HUD African Caribbean Women Disability Project Item

    A project to see and recognise the achievments and also support African Carribbean women with disabilities in Huddersfield.
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  • WYA/RC/5

    Huddersfield Caribbean Trail Item

    The trail identifies key locations associated with the pioneering decades and early cultural contribution of Huddersfield's Caribbean community.
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  • WYA/RC/6

    MB Associates Item

    MB Associates have extensive experience of working with organisations and communities resolving diverse issues that result in individuals being subject to racism in its various forms. File includes a cultural awareness training program and a diagram on ra
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  • WYA/RC/7

    National Black Police Association Strategic Review Item

    Strategic review that discusses institutional racism that has hindered access in public and private organisations.
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  • WYA/RC/8

    Newspaper Cuttings Series

    Contains newspaper cuttings from articles involving race and discrimination from a range of newspapers. There is a particular focus on riots relating to race.
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  • WYA/RC/9

    Race in the Workplace Item

    A booklet that discusses the issues faced by businesses in developing Black and Minority Ethnic talent in the workplace.
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  • WYA/RC/10

    The Parents of Black Children Association Item

    A programme for parents of black children that seeks to strengthen families and communities. Also includes a poster about gangs and gang behaviour.
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  • WYA/RC/11

    The Runnymede trust Item

    A report which includes observations by the Runnymede Trust in regards to the progress on elimination of Racial Discrimination in Great Britain.
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