Kirklees Council
Files involving events and organisations that are part of the Kirklees community.
  • WYA/KL/1

    Kirklees Black History Month Item

    Leaflet celebrating Black History Month from Kirklees council that recaps the events that took place throughout the month.
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  • WYA/KL/2

    Kirklees Employee Survey Item

    Statistics involving the employees of Kirklees council and their opinions.
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  • WYA/KL/3

    Kirklees Race, Ethnicity and Health Project Item

    A leaflet which outlines the aims of the project. The project intends to ensure that Service Provision is more responsive to the needs of the local black and ethnic minority community
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  • WYA/KL/4

    Kirklees statistics Item

    Statistics about Kirklees' demographics
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  • WYA/KL/5

    KLTV Windrush heritage Item

    Infomation regarding KLTV's Windrush Project including their aims and focuses.
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  • WYA/KL/6

    Quality and Equality presentation Item

    A presentation by Milton Brown which looks at equality in the workplace and finding a job.
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  • WYA/KL/7

    Summary of Black and Ethnic minority health needs Item

    A report which outlines the work that is underway and needs to be done with regards to the health needs of the local ethnic community.
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  • WYA/KL/8

    Study of Black and Ethnic minority housing Item

    Report on the housing needs of the ethnic community in Kirklees. Pages in different languages such as Urdu.
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  • WYA/KL/9

    Positive Action Plan Item

    Action plan to increase the participation and performance of Ethnic minorities in the Kirklees area.
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  • WYA/KL/10

    Divert Action Plan Item

    A scheme involving the police to work with young people to tackle youth crime rates.
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