Images from Huddersfields history as well as some maps of Huddersfield in different languages representing huddersfields diversity.
  • WYA/IM/1

    Images of Huddersfield Item

    Images of Huddersfield from various time periods and including various members of the community.
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  • WYA/IM/2

    Maps and Plans Item

    Various maps and plans from places in Huddersfield. Some are in different languages such as Punjabi and Urdu to explain the conservation of the Springwood area to local residents in early/middle 1980s.
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  • WYA/IM/3

    York Bothwick Research Item

    Lascelles family papers relating to their Caribbean estates during the 18th and 19th century.
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  • WYA/IM/4

    Black soldiers in history Item

    Images with captions of black soldiers and their actions through history with a main focus on the 18th and 19th centurys.
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  • WYA/IM/5

    Indian soldiers in the world wars Item

    Images of Indian soldiers serving in the First and Second World War.
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  • WYA/IM/6

    indian and Britain poster Item

    Poster that highlights the damage that the British Empire did to India.
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  • WYA/IM/7

    The Melanin trail Item

    Two maps of the world from millions of years ago which details the migration paths of different races and how their new climate impacts their skin and body features.
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  • WYA/IM/8

    Caribbean Patterns - Sir Harold Mitchell Item

    Pages from Sir Harold Mitchells book which include infomation on various Caribbean Islands.
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