Primitive Methodist Collection, Wesley Historical Society (Yorkshire)
Books and papers
  • WHS/PM/1

    ‘A Short Account of a Camp Meeting held near Warrington on Sunday, August 12th, 1827, by the People Called Primitive Methodists; including outlines of Seven Sermons preached on the occasion, and the origin of the English Camp Meeting’

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  • WHS/PM/2

    ‘The Believer’s Theological Pocket Companion, or theological readings for every day of the year’

    nd [1851]
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  • WHS/PM/3

    ‘An Elergy on the awfully sudden and untimely death of George Bateman, late of Chorley, in the county of Chester, who departed this life October, 2, 1819, written by a Mourning Brother’

    2nd ed, 1827
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  • WHS/PM/4

    ‘The Saints Everlasting Rest’

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  • WHS/PM/5

    ‘When the Lantern of Hope Burned Low; the story of the 1/4th Northumberland Fusiliers (T.F.)

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  • WHS/PM/6

    ‘Never Lonely on the Road’

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  • WHS/PM/7

    ‘Like Apples of Gold and other meditations’

    nd {c1914]
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  • WHS/PM/8

    ‘The Better Land’

    New edition, nd
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  • WHS/PM/9

    ‘The Good Old Way’

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  • WHS/PM/10

    ‘Christ, the Object of the Christian’s Meditation; being the Substance of a Discourse f-delivered in the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Steam Mill Street, Chester, March 25, 1827, to which is added a Speech, delivered at the Home Missionary Meeting on Monday evening, March 26, at the same place’

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