Wesley Historical Society (Yorkshire) Collection
This major collection comprises more than 25,000 printed items and some manuscripts related to Yorkshire Methodism that supplements official records deposited in the various Yorkshire local authority archives. It has a considerable number of chapel histories (but no registers) and supporting biographies/autobiographies.

There are also general Methodist histories, Conference minutes, the Methodist Recorder newspaper and other journals and magazines.

The collection is maintained by the Wesley Historical Society Yorkshire. Further information about the Society may be obtained from
  • WHS/28259

    Plans Selby Wesleyan Methodist 4-7/1930 to 12-1/1930/31 Item

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  • WHS/28562

    Wooldale Methodist Free Church Preachers 1977/78 Item

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  • WHS/29465

    Notices for the Melbourne Terrace Methodist Church Item

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  • WHS/29738

    100 years of Methodism in Kexborough. The Past ,Present and Future of Kexborough Methodist Church Item

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  • WHS/29768

    Huddersfield Road Methodist Church, Barnsley Festival of Flowers Programme 10-12 July 1981 Item

    July 1981
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  • WHS/29842

    Portobello Methodist Church, 75 Years (1906-1981) - Family Service Item

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  • WHS/30000

    Wesley and Methodist Studies Volume 1 Item

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  • WHS/30001

    Wesley and Methodist Studies Volume 2 Item

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  • WHS/30002

    Wesley and Methodist Studies Volume 3 Item

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  • WHS/30003

    Wesley and Methodist Studies Volume 4 Item

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