Political Papers
Papers concering Terry Wynn's work relating to rugby league as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and the Intergroup (for Rugby League) which promoted rugby league internationally as well as working with national organisations to develop the game. Some papers relate to joint initiatives with the UK Parliament's All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rugby League (also see RFL/AV/2/14) and to BARLA.
  • TW/1/1

    Development of international rugby league Series

    These papers cover the work of the Intergroup for Rugby League in the European Parliament and Terry Wynn's role in the development of the game internationally.
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  • TW/1/2

    Development of UK rugby league Series

    Papers and reports relating to Terry Wynn's work with the UK Parliament's All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rugby League, and individual clubs
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  • TW/1/3

    Equality Campaigns Subseries

    Materials relating to various campaigns promoting social inclusion in rugby league/sport

    Tackle Racism in Rugby League campaign. Information on the 'Tackle Racism in Rugby League' campaign, copy of 'What's the difference?: A Study of the nature and extent of Racism in Rugby League and correspondance relating to campaign (1998)
    Building the Peace: Youth Sport in Northern Ireland- an in-depth study
    Report by the Corporate Partnership Programme 'Walking the Talk' disabilities in the workplace (2003)
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