Storthes Hall Oral History Project Recordings, 'General' STH/6/4

Dated 1986-1988

Extent: 11 items

A way of life Tape/ Slideshow Script tape', 'A way of life + Complete', 'Merlin Children', 'A different time a different world', ‘Not like it is today’ and past songs and rhymes, 'Storthes Hall Water', 'All in a Day’s Work', and 'Storthes Hall Opening Exhibition'. In addition to the Pennine Heritage material, there is a tape sourced from BBC Radio 4, 'A Place like Hebden Bridge' (3 Jul 1988), and two tapes from Radio Leeds, 'Class of 1887 Tape 1 ' and 'Class of 1887 Tape 2.'

Audio-visual recordings

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Magnetic tape