Storthes Hall Oral History Project Interviews
Copies of 95 audio cassette tapes and one script for a talk (?) about an oral history project conducted by Pennine Heritage. Consists mainly of interviews with former staff and patients, as well as tapes filed under 'General', which includes public broadcasts on local and national radio, as well as material seemingly recorded for use in an exhibition. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details. Note: some tapes may now be blank.
  • STH/6/4

    Storthes Hall Oral History Project Recordings, 'General' Item

    A way of life Tape/ Slideshow Script tape', 'A way of life + Complete', 'Merlin Children', 'A different time a different world', ‘Not like it is today’ and past songs and rhymes, 'Storthes Hall Water', 'All in a Day’s Work', and 'Storthes Hall Opening Exhibition'. In addition to the Pennine Heritage material, there is a tape sourced from BBC Radio 4, 'A Place like Hebden Bridge' (3 Jul 1988), and two tapes from Radio Leeds, 'Class of 1887 Tape 1 ' and 'Class of 1887 Tape 2.'
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