Press Cuttings Concerning Closure of Storthes Hall Hospital STH/5/1

Dated 26 Mar 1984-23 Mar 1990

Extent: 43 pages

1. Storthes Hall is to close – official’, 21 Mar 1984
2. Letters to the editor, cut and pasted onto a sheet of paper. ‘Storthes Hall development’, with 2 other letters both headed ‘Storthes Hall’. Nd [?1984]
3. Letters to the editor, ‘Most Congested Road?’, photocopy ‘Caring for the mentally ill’, nd [?1984]
4. ‘Storthes Hall development’, 11 Nov 1989, ‘Storthes Hall Closure’, ‘Storthes Hall Controversy’ – 26 Mar 1984
5. ‘Staff to get jobs priority’ nd [1984]
6. Letters to the editor, cut and pasted onto a sheet of paper: ‘Memories are made of this’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 31 Dec 1990, ‘Closing down’, 18 Aug 1984 and 5 Apr 1984 ‘Storthes Hall’
7. Letters to the editor, cut and pasted onto a sheet of paper: ‘Storthes Hall: Who cares?’ (photocopy), Dec 1987, ‘Community care’, 4 Sep 1987, ‘Storthes Hall’, 16 May 1984
8. ‘Which way now?’ – May 1985
9. ‘Care scheme goes on show’, 16 Aug 1985
10. ‘Plans to put patients back into the community’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 6 Sep 1985
11. ‘Victorian Solution’, nd [?1985]
12. Letters to the Editor, cut and pasted onto a sheet, ‘Community care’, ‘Storthes Hall' ‘Developments at Storthes Hall’, What to do with Storthes Hall’, nd [?1986]
13. ‘Massive and Imposing Hospital set for closure in six years: Amazing features of a historic building’, Huddersfield District Newspapers, 21 Feb 1986
14. Photocopied articles, ‘Health team Objectives’ – Nov 1986, ‘Storthes Hall 300 to go’ – Jan 1987
15. ‘Public speak out on Storthes Hall Hospital’s future’, ‘More shops, more jobs, more traffic’, ‘memories will be saved thanks to project’, Huddersfield District Newspapers, 8 May 1987
16. ‘Safety fears’, ‘Concern over Hall patients’, Huddersfield District Newspapers, 5 Jun 1987
17. ‘Positive action is conference result’, Huddersfield District Chronicle, 12 Jun 1987
18. ‘Dumping denied’, 6 Nov 1987
19. Photocopy, Letter to the editor, ‘Storthes Hall’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 11 Nov 1987
20. ‘Storthes Hall – Who cares?’ Photocopy of letters to the editor. Nd [?1987]
21. ‘New approach to psychiatric care’, ‘New ideas will provide healing help in the community’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 1 Sep 1987
22. ‘Community care will mean many changes’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 1 Dec 1987
23. ‘The caring revolution that may be going sadly wrong’, Yorkshire Post, 29 Dec 1987
24. ‘Pitfalls on the path to a new kind of caring’, Yorkshire Post, 31 Dec 1987
25. ‘Meeting Practical problems posed by hospital closure. Taking best of care into the community?’ nd [?1988]
26. ‘Work that employs a true sense of purpose’, ‘Nurses view of the future’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 1988
27. Note that David Hammond was to look into the issues around the closure of Storthes Hall, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 16 Dec 1988.
28. ‘Giving a lead for rest to follow’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Dec 1988
29. Letters to the Editor, ‘Christmas day at Storthes Hall’, ‘Storthes Hall village plan’, ‘Cast out on the streets’, nd [c1988]
30. ‘Closure a ‘criminal’ act’, nd [c1990] (3 copies, photocopy and originals)
31. Letters to the Editor, ‘Hospital Rejects Suffering Claims’ (23 June 1989, Huddersfield District Chronicle), ‘Future Unsure for Patients and Hospital’, ‘Patients will be re-homed’
32. Letters to the editor. ‘Storthes Hall development’, 28 Jul 1989. ‘The University of Huddersfield’
33. Photcopy, Letters to the Editor, ‘Storthes Hall development’, ‘Fashionable’, ‘Selling Point’, 28 Jul 1989
Letters to the editor pasted onto a sheet of paper: ‘Storthes Hall patients’ [6 Apr 1989], ‘Real people’ [6 Apr 1989], ‘Storthes Hall’ (photocopy), ‘Care in the community’. Nov 1989
34. Storthes Hall’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 31 Mar and ‘Storthes Hall patients’, 6 Apr 1989, ‘Real people’
35. Letters to the Editor, cut and pasted onto a sheet of paper, ‘Storthes Hall’ (x 2) ‘Site plan’, Nov 1989, ‘Two new villages’, Nov 1989
36. Letters to the editor, ‘Development at Storthes Hall, ‘Memories of Storthes Hall’, ‘Planning and development’ – 7 Nov 1989.
37. ‘Hospital closure could be delayed. Doctors pledge on future of patients’, nd [?1990]
38. ‘Farewell to a Hospital’, nd [Nov 1990]
39. ‘Developments at Storthes Hall’, ‘Memories of Storthes hall’, ‘Memories are made of this’, ‘Ex-patients’, untitled letter to the editor expressing the view that the closing down of Storthes Hall was 'a sham' nd [Dec 1990]
40. ‘New era dawns for mental healthcare’ – Jun 1991
41. ‘Critics Call in MP’s in bid to slow shutdown’

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