Clinical Records and Papers relating to Patients at Storthes Hall Hospital
Regulations and procedures for staff to follow in dealing with patients, material produced for patients and their families, photograph and the score of a musical work based on the experiences of a patient. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details.
  • STH/4/1

    Register of Restraints Item

    Contains details of regulations published in 1935 to inform nurses and doctors how to correctly restrain patients and under what circumstances a restraint may be used. This is followed by a register of restraints which has not been filled in. There are no signatures and no recordings of any restraints.
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  • STH/4/2

    Bathing Regulations, Storthes Hall Hospital Item

    nd [c1930s-1950s]
    2 versions.
    1. For 'the mansion', a copy to be exhibited in every bathroom.
    2. From London, exactly the same as the ones for the mansion.
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  • STH/4/3

    Gypsona Technique Book Item

    This is a handbook of first aid for fractures, burns, injuries, conditions and treatment of tuberculosis, issued exclusively to the medical profession. Ninth edition published in 1952. An inscription records that the book belonged to M Laycock.
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  • STH/4/4

    Suicide Caution Card Item

    Patient's name heavily crossed out. Admitted in 1962 aged 17. Signed and dated on the back by nurses who tended to the patient. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details.
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  • STH/4/5

    Handbook for Patients, Relatives and Friends Item

    nd [c1960s]
    2 copies. Small map of the hospital inside. Contains basic information about the hospital, such as, what happens on arrival, what you need to bring, what not to bring, enquiry information, visiting hours, bus services, letter information, the routine, who’s who of staff, information regarding personal problems and how to deal with them if encountered, information about the shop, library, hairdressing, dentist, recreational activities, telephone services, what happens on discharge and information about medicines.
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  • STH/4/6

    Photograph of a Group at the Toby Jug Pub Item

    nd [?1974]
    Black and white photograph, mounted on card, showing a gathering in the hospital's pub, people smoking and drinking.
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  • STH/4/7

    Score, ‘A letter to Clifford!?’ Item

    nd [?2004]
    Musical score by Tom Waltham of the University of Huddersfield, written after reading Ann Littlewood’s book ‘Storthes Hall Remembered’. A fictional story based on a real patient. Opening cover contains a note to Ann Littlewood. There are 5 movements:
    - 1901 – ‘Construction’ written with the help of Ann Littlewood
    - 1906 – ‘Eric’ written by Tom Waltham
    Last 3 are written by a schizophrenic patient:
    - 1945 uses poem ‘Poor Old Clifford’
    - 1960 uses extract from ‘The Hump’
    - Epilogue uses ‘If I were you’
    Clifford is believed to be Dr Noble. Includes inserts of a flyer advertising the premier of the piece and an introduction about the piece written by Waltham.
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