Storthes Hall Hospital Staff Records
Records created for and by hospital staff, particularly nurses. Includes documents concerning nursing shift work, notices and memos, nurses' training materials, recruitment, newsletters, retirements and other staff events, and photographs. Also personal papers kept by nurses including the Fardy family and C M Haigh (née Cynthia Clegg) documenting their careers, which include records of the Festival of Commemoration held when the hospital closed in 1990. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details.
  • STH/3/19

    Photocopy of a Programme for a Theatre Production, Storthes Hall Players Item

    (28 Apr 1957) nd [c1980s]
    Programme entitled ‘Revue Sandwich’ including ‘circumstantial evidence’ and ‘neighbourly love’. It includes lists of cast, crew and officials.
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  • STH/3/2

    Time Book, Ward 7 Item

    30 Mar 1942-14 Aug 1944
    Entries record when members of staff were on/off on a weekly basis and whether they were working am/pm. Changes are indicated with crossings out and under each week annual leave is noted for the staff that are not working. Shift swaps and staff changes are also noted. Some of these corrections are done by sticking white fabric over the mistake and writing the correction on the fabric. Shifts are recorded in 6 weekly cycles. After every 6 weeks it goes back to week 1. Each week is dated at the top of the page. Sicknesses are noted alongside the names of employees scheduled to be working. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details.
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  • STH/3/20

    Cast Photograph, Storthes Hall Staff Performance Item

    Framed black and white photograph, entitled 'the Paragon - Autumn 1957'. And shows 5 men and 4 women all in costume.
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  • STH/3/21

    Souvenir Programme of a Presentation Dance Item

    30 March 1962
    Event held to mark the Retirement of Dr David Kennedy Bruce from Storthes Hall Hospital.
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  • STH/3/22

    Programme, Nurses’ Prize Giving and Dance. Item

    1 Nov 1968
    Event for Storthes Hall Hospital staff.
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  • STH/3/23

    Programme for Storthes Hall Hospital Carol Service Item

    10 Dec 1989
    Christmas service for Hospital staff and patients.
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  • STH/3/24

    Letter from Huddersfield Health Authority, Concerning the Commemoration of Storthes Hall Hospital Item

    26 Oct 1990
    Letter discussing the commemoration of Storthes Hall Hospital, which took place on the 15th and 16th Dec 1990, due to the impending closure of the Hospital.
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  • STH/3/25

    Photograph of Nurses in Storthes Hall Laundry Item

    Black and white photograph of 13 nurses.
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  • STH/3/26

    Photographs of Storthes Hall Nursing Staff Item

    Dec 1965
    Small colour photographs of 1. matron and staff 1965 titled ‘xmas day’, showing 15 staff members and taken in front of a flight of stairs, 2. the Mansion Matron and Miss Lodge next to a sign on the wall saying, 'A Merry Christmas to All'.
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  • STH/3/27

    Photograph, 'Opening of the Toby Jug Jan 30 1974' Item

    30 Jan 1974
    Black and white photograph, mounted on board, of people drinking at a bar. Names are typed underneath.
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