Syllabus for ‘Mental Nursing’ Certificate STH/3/13

Dated 1964

Extent: 1 item

Belonged to R J T Burgoyne who entered training on 11 Oct 1965. The syllabus outlines of what the Mental Nursing Certificate entailed. The nurse in charge had to sign off in order to show that the student had completed certain tasks which are required within the nurse training. There are then noted any additional experiences the student gained whilst in training. Near the back of the syllabus educational visits are recorded as well as clinical experiences. The completion date given is 4 Oct 1968. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details.


Access Conditions:
These records contain personal data relating to living individuals. The original may be made available for individual consultation if the following terms have been met:
- the Heritage Quay supervisor is satisfied that the researcher is consulting the rec

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