Storthes Hall Hospital Staff Records
Records created for and by hospital staff, particularly nurses. Includes documents concerning nursing shift work, notices and memos, nurses' training materials, recruitment, newsletters, retirements and other staff events, and photographs. Also personal papers kept by nurses including the Fardy family and C M Haigh (née Cynthia Clegg) documenting their careers, which include records of the Festival of Commemoration held when the hospital closed in 1990. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details.
  • STH/3/1

    Sick Nurses' Book for Storthes Hall Nursing Staff Item

    Log of the health complaints of ill nurses and the actions taken in order to make them more comfortable. Treatments and food given were logged. Each nurse had their own separate page and their illnesses were recorded on a daily basis until they recovered. Within this book there is an admission slip from 1921. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details.
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  • STH/3/10

    Notice, ‘Staff – Loss of Personal Property’. Item

    nd [c1960s]
    Notice informing staff of the limits of liability of the Storthes Hospital Management Committee for damage to, or theft of, personal property.
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  • STH/3/11

    Information sheet for staff, ‘National Insurance Sickness, etc., Benefits’. Item

    nd [c1960s]
    Memorandum for Storthes Hall nursing staff from the Hospital Management Committee, informing them of procedures for dealing with sickness absence in order to obtain benefits.
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  • STH/3/12

    Syllabus for ‘Mental Nursing’ Certificate Item

    early 20th cent.?
    Includes an inserted list of amendments. The syllabus consists of a basic outline of what the mental nursing certificate entailed, split into 3 sections:
    • Study of mind and body
    • Principles and practice of psychiatric nursing and first aid
    • Concepts of mental illness, psychiatry and psychopathology
    These areas are then split into a 3 year training scheme:
    Year 1: Introduction to hospital, ward management, human needs, first aid, general nursing, introduction to psychiatry.
    Year 2: Psychology, body – health and disease, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing and treatment, nursing procedure.
    Year 3: Psychiatry, visits.
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  • STH/3/13

    Syllabus for ‘Mental Nursing’ Certificate Item

    Belonged to R J T Burgoyne who entered training on 11 Oct 1965. The syllabus outlines of what the Mental Nursing Certificate entailed. The nurse in charge had to sign off in order to show that the student had completed certain tasks which are required within the nurse training. There are then noted any additional experiences the student gained whilst in training. Near the back of the syllabus educational visits are recorded as well as clinical experiences. The completion date given is 4 Oct 1968. These records are subject to access restrictions in line with the Data Protection Act 1998; please contact for further details.
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  • STH/3/14

    Photocopy of ‘A Career in the Nursing Service in a Psychiatric Hospital’. Item

    (25 Jan 1961) nd [?1996]
    Recruitment information for Mental Health Nurses. Produced by Storthes Hall Group Hospital Management Committee.
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  • STH/3/15

    Journal of the Association Clerks and Stewards of Mental Hospitals Item

    Sep 1925
    Vol 10, issue No 3.
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  • STH/3/16

    ‘Outlook’ Staff Newsletter, Issue number 26 Item

    31 Jan 1986
    Newsletter for Storthes Hall Hospital staff, containing:
    • Oral history project was launched 27 Jan 1986.
    • Management appointments announced.
    • Report of a day visit to another hospital in South London.
    • List of Bank Holidays
    • ‘Community news’ – giving information on care in the community projects taking place in Dewsbury and Kirkburton.
    • Housing information
    • Departmental changes for Barnsley Health Authority district
    • Information regarding donations made to the Sue Rider Foundation
    • Recipes
    • Poems
    • Thoughts for the day
    • Lists of upcoming lectures and seminars
    • Staff news
    • Diary dates
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  • STH/3/17

    Newsletter for Staff and Patients at Storthes Hall Hospital Item

    [Nov 1986]
    Includes a short article ‘Visit’, reporting on the pastoral visit of Rev. David Hope, including a photograph, and list of Diary Dates for patients and staff.
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  • STH/3/18

    Cast Photograph, Storthes Hall Staff Performance Item

    Black and white photograph, entitled 'Will Any Gentlemen', dated Autumn 1956. Staff in costume with their names recorded on the back.
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