Storthes Hall Estates and Facilities Records
Includes records relating to the history of the Storthes Hall estate, photographs of the hospital, maps and plans of the site and documents concerning the development of the site after its closure.
  • STH/2/11

    List of Plans of the Storthes Hall Hospital Buildings Item

    nd [c2000]
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  • STH/2/12

    Architectural Plan, ‘Storthes Hall Asylum, Kirkburton near Huddersfield’, ‘Epileptic Blocks 1 & 2, Male Side.’ Item

    Nov 1929
    Plans of the ground floor, scale 1 inch to 8 feet, showing proposed additions of a verandah and ‘sanitary accommodation.’ Includes later annotations.
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  • STH/2/13

    Architectural Plan, ‘Storthes Hall Group. Hospital Management Committee, Modernisation Programme.’ Item

    nd [c1920s]
    Architectural Plans of Ground and First Floor, scale 1 inch to 8 feet, drawing no.H1. Produced by the Storthes Hall Works Department, Male Ward No.5. Includes later annotations (1980s?).
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  • STH/2/14

    Map of Storthes Hall Hospital Site Item

    nd [c1950s]
    Arial map printed with ward numbers, residences, farm, mortuary and sports ground marked.
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  • STH/2/15

    Storthes Hall Hospital Plan Item

    An oversized plan of Storthes Hall Hospital, Huddersfield. Scale 1:1250.
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