Storthes Hall Estates and Facilities Records
Includes records relating to the history of the Storthes Hall estate, photographs of the hospital, maps and plans of the site and documents concerning the development of the site after its closure.
  • STH/2/1

    Last Will and Testament of Richard Horsfall (Photocopies) Item

    (1730-1731) 1995
    Photocopied will dated 17 Feb 1730. Horsfall made another Will on 16 Mar 1730 and was dead by 30 Sep 1731. Includes probate record. Copies ordered by University of Huddersfield Archives from the University of York’s Borthwick Institute of Historical Research.
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  • STH/2/2

    Booklet, ‘Some Historical Records on the Mansion Hospital and Storthes Hall Hospital, Kirkburton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire’ Item

    Apr 1985
    By Douglas A Spencer, consultant psychiatrist.
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  • STH/2/3

    Photocopy of Postcard of Storthes Hall Asylum Item

    nd (?1919) [c1990]
    Black and white photographic image. Hand-written message on reverse.
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  • STH/2/4

    Set of Postcards of Storthes Hall Item

    nd [c1920s]
    Sheet of red card holding 12 photographic postcards, 4 of which have become detached, headed 'Set of Postcards, 19'. The postcards are of the entrance gates, the main hospital, the admissions hospital, main hospital corridor, engine room, main hospital kitchen, recreation hall, a ward day room, a ward dining room, a ward dormitory and two of the laundry room.
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  • STH/2/5

    Photograph Album Pages, Storthes Hall Hospital Item

    Disbound photograph album. Large black and white photographs mainly of the facilities and showing some staff, seemingly taken to commemorate the hospital's jubilee.
    1. Nurses sitting room
    2. Jubilee Hall 1954
    3. Mr Clegg, Mr Crowther, Mr Walsh, Mr Brooke and Mr Carlisle
    4. Men making furniture
    5. Bill Turner and another man demonstrating ECT procedure.
    6. A woman with children’s toys. ‘Occupational Therapy’
    7. Main Kitchen
    8/9. Stores Department
    10/11. Miss Wroe, Dr Bruce and Mr Woodcock conversing and holding printed sheets of paper
    12. Ward sitting room with a TV
    13. Mrs Peace’s hair dressing salon
    14/15. Workroom depicting women sewing
    16. Sister Hollings’ bedroom in nurses home
    17/18. Shop
    19/20. Upholstery shop
    21/22. ‘Main O T Building’, now nurses training room
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  • STH/2/6

    Photocopies of Photographs of Storthes Hall Hospital Item

    nd (c1915) - [c1990]
    Copies of mainly black and white photographs, of Storthes Hall Hospital facilities and some staff. Includes some images taken from the 1954 Jubilee album and Annual Report, as well as material from the Kirklees Image Archive.
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  • STH/2/7

    Photographs of Storthes Hall Item

    23 Oct 2001
    54 colour photographs taken by Colin Blair, Deputy Director of Estates for the University of Huddersfield, prior to the renovation of the site. Includes list of images.
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  • STH/2/8

    Envelope addressed to H Topham, Clerk, West Ridings Asylums Board. Item

    8 Apr 1915
    Marked 'Tender for Storthes Hall New Chronic Blocks – Furniture.'
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  • STH/2/9

    Document entitled ‘Storthes Hall Hospital – Water Services’ Item

    22 Apr 1970
    Description of the three sources of which water could be obtained for the hospital.
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  • STH/2/10

    ‘Development Proposal, Storthes Hall Hospital, Kirkburton – Yorkshire’. Item

    nd [1987]
    Proposal for a new village on the site of Storthes Hall produced for the Huddersfield Health Authority, Community and Mental Health Unit by Dyke Brothers (Lakes) Ltd. Includes photographs and illustrations.
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