Storthes Hall Governance and Administration Records
Includes documents concerning Mental Health legislation under which Storthes Hall operated, regulations of the hospital, list of staff numbers, reports, and notes on the figures for admissions and discharges. Some material relates to the uses of the site after the hospital's closure.
  • STH/1/11

    Report on Storthes Hall Hospital Item

    (Nov 1979) nd [?1996]
    Photocopy of a report by the Huddersfield Health District, Kirklees Area Health Authority.
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  • STH/1/12

    Report, ‘Storthes Hall Hospital, Kirkburton Nr Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Past, Present and Future. 1898-1986.’ Item

    Apr 1986
    Compiled by Derek A Heath (Assistant Regional Architect), and Margaret H Heath (Principal Assistant Estate Surveyor) of the Directorate of Estates, Yorkshire Regional Health Authority. Includes sections on the history of mental health care and Storthes Hall, an appreciation of its buildings and landscape and the closure of the hospital and its future.
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  • STH/1/13

    Photocopy of ‘Storthes Hall Hospital Information Sheet’. Item

    nd [1987]
    Fact sheet giving details of Storthes Hall history and the use of the hospital in the 1980s.
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  • STH/1/14

    Storthes Hall Resource Centre Survey for 1998/1999. Item

    Report by Mary Matusz and Fran Stacey for Library Services of the University of Huddersfield containing: an introduction, a method, findings, conclusions, recommendations and appendices.
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