Storthes Hall Governance and Administration Records
Includes documents concerning Mental Health legislation under which Storthes Hall operated, regulations of the hospital, list of staff numbers, reports, and notes on the figures for admissions and discharges. Some material relates to the uses of the site after the hospital's closure.
  • STH/1/6

    ‘West Riding Asylum, Storthes Hall, Kirkburton, near Huddersfield. Regulation and Orders of the Committee of Visitors for the Management and Conduct of the Asylum for Both Male and Female Departments’. Item

    1922- nd [c1985]
    Regulations and instructions for running the institution including: kitchens, admissions, exercising, entertainment, medicines, discharging, care of dead, fire precautions and instructions in case of fire. (2 original copies and 3 photocopies from c1985).
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  • STH/1/7

    Annual Report and Jubilee Souvenir Book Item

    Report for the year ending 31 March 1954 from the Storthes Hall Group Hospital Management Committee, combined with souvenir celebrating the hospital’s jubilee (1904-1954). The book contains reports on the hospital, background information on the Hall itself, an annual report with details on Admissions, Nursing, Management, Finance, Gardens, Refurnishing, Laundry and Religion. Includes a table to show patient improvement through 1950-54 and photographs.
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  • STH/1/8

    Photocopy of Memorandum to all Staff at Storthes Hall Hospital. Item

    (15 Aug 1962) nd [?1996]
    Response from the Hospital Management Committee to press reports that the hospital was to close.
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  • STH/1/9

    Notes on discharge and admissions, Storthes Hall Hospital. Item

    nd [?1973]
    Manuscript notes giving age groups of patients from 31/12/1957. Colours are given to age ranges:
    Red: 19-64
    Green: 65-74
    Blue: 75+
    Black: Total.
    Numbers of discharges from 1973:
    Orange: Male
    Red: Female
    Blue: Total
    Number of male admissions 1973 onwards and address ticked off and same for female ticked off. Discharge numbers from compulsory orders:
    Brown: Male
    Red: Female
    Orange: Total
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